Survivor: South Pacific


By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2011

Cast Away II: Total Rejection

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Johnny Cochs - 40-1. And Johnny Cochs lives to see another day. He's made it through to two easy Tribals though. Now, he is hands down the weakest link on this tribe. Previews show him trying to make a move with Jim against Ozzy. If it works, it will be brilliant and Johnny will leap up the Power Rankings next week. As it is, I don't see him getting the support from the tribe and should Savaii go to Tribal, I expect Cochran to be heading to Redemption Island.

Brandon - 50-1. This dude keeps getting worse and worse. For now, Coach is kinda keeping him under control. Previews suggest he now doesn't like Albert or Sophie either and I think that will spell the end of the Hantz era on Survivor. Coach is working with him, but he's still a little leery of him and an attempt to break up the alliance that Coach created on day 1 might just spell the end for Brandon should Upolu go to Tribal.

Christine - 100-1. Christine showed last week that she has the strength and will to beat one of the weakest people to ever play Survivor. This week she gets Papa Bear and I have to say, I think she stands a good chance of lasting one more week. I do, however, think this will be her last good moment on the show as only a Johnny Cochs elimination would have her favored to win again next week.


Papa Bear - 1 million-1. He seems like a great guy. But he's not a great Survivor player. He's done nothing to stand out in the challenges and I think Papa Bear is just too old, slow and out of shape to pose a huge threat to Christine in this week's duel. I do expect him to throw his buff in the fire; making the Savaii tribe the only tribe to have members actually go home.

The show opens up with Elyse and Ozzy hanging out in the hammock. Elyse is asking him if everyone in his family is athletic like he is. He says not really and that he's always been into "survivalism." As he discusses his love for Robinson Crusoe, Elyse is just staring into his soul with her little heart eyes. Over this, Jim tells us that he is not digging the Ozzy-Elyse hook up. He says that Ozzy is already a huge physical presence in this game and with Elyse as another vote; he becomes a serious voting presence. Jim's worried that if that happens, Ozzy will just run the game the way Mariano did last season. He tells us that he doesn't think he can get Ozzy, but Elyse has to go.

So Jim goes to our good buddy, Johnny Cochs. He suggests that Ozzy is getting too strong and that Elyse might be the best target should they end up at Tribal again. Jim says that Elyse is a "variable" and he likes "constants" in this game...whatever that means. Either way, Cochran is very excited to finally be in on "the plan" and he gladly shakes Jim's hand and agrees to do this. He tells us that he is a little leery of Jim's "car salesman" smile and suspiciously white teeth. Cur the theme...

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