Survivor: South Pacific


By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2011

Cast Away II: Total Rejection

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We come back from the break to Redemption Island. Today's challenge pits Christine against Papa Bear. Jeff asks Papa Bear how it feels to see Jim and Johnny Cochs in the stands. He says it's not that big of a deal. He also says that if he gets back in the game, he's going to the Upolu tribe where he'll spill everything about the Savaii tribe. He suggests Christine would switch tribes as well. Lucky for us, Brandon chose to go witness the duel and takes this opportunity to apologize to Christine for...well; I can't even keep up anymore. Can we just get to the duel now?

Cool. Today's duel is the "toss the sandbag onto the barrel challenge." There are ten barrels on the field and the first person to land a sandbag on each one wins the duel and lives to fight another day. Easy enough? Great. While this duel was actually a lot of fun to watch, it'll be boring to try to recap. In a nutshell, Christine jumps out to a quick lead and after a few misses, Papa Bear catches up and eventually pulls into a 9-9 tie. As both throw a couple more bags, Christine finally lands her 10th bag and Papa Bear becomes the second player to throw their buff in the fire. As everyone heads back to their respective camp, we'll take a quick break.

Okay, that WAS quick. We come back from break to Upolu on the morning of Day 10. Edna is still freaking out over what Brandon told her. So, to combat that, she feels she really needs to turn up her social game. Included in this is being WAY over-interested in what everyone has to say, walking on Coach's back, laughing hysterically at everyone's jokes, the whole nine. What she's doing, however, is pissing everyone off. Stacey is annoyed that she doesn't have an "off" switch. Mikayla is annoyed with the 1000 questions she asks every time someone speaks. Mikayla and Stacey are both annoyed with her laugh. I don't know. I may have to go back to Sugar's crying to remember a tribe so annoyed with one person.


We come back to Savaii and Jim and Johnny Cochs have returned. Jim is asking Dawn if there was any talk while they were away. She tells him about Ozzy's "strategy" comments. She tells Jim that she thinks he's full of crap. Johnny goes to talk to Dawn also and she says that she'd like to get Ozzy next. I have to say, Cochran is pretty impressive in this scene. This is a clinic on how to get someone to do or say what you want them to all the while, making they think it's their idea.

As Dawn mentions getting rid of Ozzy, he tells her that Jim is a little nervous about booting Ozzy so soon. He then asks her who's closest to Ozzy? Elyse? Dawn says that Elyse is definitely closest to Ozzy. "In his back pocket" are her exact words. Cochran asks, "Would you wanna take out Elyse?" Almost like, "are you SURE about that?" Dawn says that if people are nervous about targeting Ozzy, Elyse is definitely the play. And just like that, Dawn is not only on board, she's feeling pretty good that "her idea" is in play with Jim and Johnny Cochs.

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