Survivor: South Pacific


By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2011

Cast Away II: Total Rejection

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Normally, I would think it's time to play "It's anyone but Stacey". After all, she's the only one not in any kind of alliance on the tribe. However, she did just spend almost an hour holding up over 100 pounds on her back. For me, that would earn her three more days and I'd just turn around and dump Edna. She's annoying and not very useful around camp or at challenges. But that's me.

As Upolu comes back to camp, Stacey echoes my sentiment saying she feels like she did an awesome job and should have earned her stay in the game. But, she got votes last time, so she's still worried. Coach takes a minute to give the tribe a pep talk and to tell Stacey how awesome she was in the challenge.

Edna, meanwhile, is feeling the heat of being the weakest link. She decides that after ten days of not speaking to Stacey, now is a good time to see what she thinks about all this. Stacey really doesn't care to talk to her about it. She tells us that she doesn't have any use for Edna and the rest of the tribe should wise up and dump her ass.


Coach comes over to talk to Stacey as well. I'm not sure exactly why he came over or what he was hoping to accomplish. But Stacey tells him that she really feels like Edna should go. She tells him that she's been pulling her weight around camp and in the challenges and Edna hasn't. It seems to me that Coach is almost feeling the way that I do. Like she really did earn the right to stay in the game. However, he's part of an alliance that may not feel the same way. Stacey tells us that she doesn't but Coach's BS at all. She says she's not quitting and that she may have to lie to stay in the game.

Enter Brandon. Stacey tells Brandon that he needs to be watching "them." When Brandon pushes her to figure out who "them" is. She asks him who he called out the other day, which leads him to Mikayla, Albert and Sophie. And just like that, the seed of doubt has been planted in Brandon's head. He already doesn't like Mikayla, so in his twisted little stalker mind, I'm sure it all makes perfect sense. Naturally, Brandon runs right to Coach with his "news." He tells Coach that their five person alliance may not be an alliance anymore. "Stop it. Just stop it." If anyone had wondered if Coach learned anything after his other two stints on Survivor, this few seconds confirms that he did. He tells Brandon to stop believing every single thing someone tells him and especially not to listen to the person that's on death row. He tells him that the game is only going to get crazier and if you believe everything someone tells you (especially the person that knows they're next to go), you may as well just throw in the towel now.

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