Survivor: South Pacific


By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2011

Cast Away II: Total Rejection

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Jeff is a bit shocked that Brandon told them who his uncle is. Jeff asks her if he's such a good kid, why does it matter who his uncle is? She says it's just there and it just kinda does. And here's where Brandon needs to learn to edit himself. He starts off saying he's proud to be a Hantz and that he loves his uncle, but their games don't have to be the same. He feels like he shouldn't have to prove himself in that way, but feels like he does. That was an excellent answer and very good speech.

If he would just leave it at that, maybe the drama surrounding him would go away. Of course, we can't be that lucky. He starts to tear up and starts going on about being someone that God's proud of and that he doesn't want to be misrepresented to his family. He says it was hard on his family the way Russell was on the show and that he doesn't want to put his family through that again. At least, that's what I think he was trying to say. Either way, he really should have just dropped it after the opening part. Albert says something about trust for a second and now it's time to vote...thankfully.

As with a couple other episodes this season, I honestly have no idea who the vote is tonight. Stacey seems to be the logical choice. She's on the outside looking in. But at the same time, Edna is annoying and weaker than everyone else. As Jeff reads the votes, it turns out to be unanimous. Stacey votes for Edna and everyone else votes for Stacey. As she prepares to get her torch, Coach suggests to the tribe to give her a hug. Surprising ONLY to Coach, she refuses his hug and steps over to have her torch snuffed. On her way out, she says she WILL be back.

Before I sign off for this week, a couple words of advice to anyone else who ever gets to play Survivor. First off, you don't HAVE to answer Jeff's question. So if he asks you, "What's the most annoying thing about..." don't answer him. And if you do, give him a lame ass answer like Rick did. Apparently, your tribe wasn't giving him anything, so he's fishing for controversy. He's fishing for emotions.


If you don't answer him, it's better in the long run for you, your alliance and your game. Second, when you've just voted someone off of your tribe, unless they're related to you, they are NOT gonna want a hug from you, so don't even try. Especially don't try to force the issue like Coach just did. Dude has learned A LOT from his previous two games, but in that one action, he showed that he still has much to learn. People are not happy to be kicked out of this game...and they certainly don't want to show any love to the person that kicked them out. So, to you future players...don't do that.

Next time on Survivor: another fun challenge, albeit a gross one. It's the "bite off some cooked meat and carry it over to a scale, and the most meat at the end wins" challenge. Johnny Cochs is worried about herpes and Coach does NOT want to be called Benjamin. Should be a good one...see ya then. Take care.

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