Survivor: South Pacific


By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2011

Cast Away II: Total Rejection

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Johnny tells us that he is absolutely thrilled with this plan. As a huge fan of Survivor, he'd always hoped to one day be in on the big move that changes the course of the game. And this is that move. He can't wait to see how the "pretty people" take it when their alliance is broken and Elyse goes home. Before we head to commercial, I'd like to mention that I LOVE the idea of booting Elyse and totally screwing up Ozzy's game. He's always been a little too proud of himself for my liking. But I'd be remiss not to mention the fact that there are currently seven people on the Savaii tribe and only three of them want to vote Elyse. The other four are in a pretty tight alliance and I see no way they'll be able to get the fourth voted needed to boot Elyse. More than likely, they'll just have a 4-3 vote that will do little more than put the surviving two (Jim and Dawn, most likely) at the bottom of the Savaii totem pole. But, it's good to dream, I guess.

Probst sighting!! Today's challenge is one of my favorites. The first time they did this challenge, they had an epic battle between Colby and Mike Skupin in the Outback. Three people from each team (two men and one woman) will be chosen to hold a pole across their back. The tribes will take turns adding weight to the person of their choice from the other tribe. They will add 20 pounds per turn, 20 on each side. Last person standing wins immunity and chickens for their tribe. The weight bearers will be Albert, Brandon and Stacey for Upolu and Jim, Keith and Dawn for Savaii. I think it should be noted that both Coach and Ozzy managed to stay out of this one. I guess they can't be blamed if they don't play.


The tribes do a pretty good job of spreading out the weight and at the 26 minute mark; Dawn and Stacey are holding 100 pounds each, Albert and Keith, 180. Jim and Brandon are both holding 200 pounds on their back. The one thing I notice here as they show all the weight holders. Some of them (Jim and Brandon especially) seem to be very balanced. Dawn and Stacey, not so much. It's like the people putting the weight on never thought about how the weight has to be evenly distributed or it could completely throw off the holder's balance as the weights get heavier. At this point, the unevenness of his bar and the heavy weight causes Keith to drop out of the challenge.

Next up, Brandon and Jim get 20 more pounds to tie a Survivor record. At the sight of this, Albert somehow loses his grip and drops out of the challenge. Next up, Jim and Brandon get 20 more pounds to set a new Survivor record. Both guys really gut it out here, but the weight is just too much and Jim drops out. About a minute later, Brandon also drops out. So it's down to Stacey and Dawn. Both ladies get more weight and are at 120 pounds now. Kinda interesting that they showed Dawn talking about how she would really have to do well at the challenge. Seemed extraneous at the time. As they add the next 20 pounds, Ozzy suggests that they need to watch out for the balance (at least SOMEONE noticed it). With the extra weight, both ladies start really teetering. Stacey is bent at a complete 90 degree angle with the bar balanced on her ass. Dawn is about to lose it. As it turns out, Ozzy's reminder to balance it out helped as Stacey's bar (which wasn't balanced) starts leaning heavily to her left and it's just too much weight for her to even it out and Dawn wins the challenge for Savaii.

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