Survivor: South Pacific


By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2011

Cast Away II: Total Rejection

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We come back from break to the Upolu tribe. And guess what, Brandon is whining about good intentions and pride and lying. Wait a minute...I think they're playing last week's tape. We see him apologize to Mikayla and that he feels really bad. She tells us that he did the right thing and all, but she's not really buying it. He just keeps doing ignorant stuff and then apologizing for it. All she keeps thinking is "look who his uncle is." Which, to Brandon's credit, is EXACTLY why he didn't want to tell the tribe in the first place. I think what we could be seeing with Brandon is a little bit of "Island Madness" seeping in. He was thinking with 100% of his faculties before the show began and he knew that telling the tribe his name was a huge risk. Now that he's in the game, not getting sleep, not eating and staring at Mikayla's mostly nude body every day...he can't think straight anymore.

Not content to apologize to Mikayla, Brandon continues on to Edna to apologize to her for lying. He tells her that there's a core five in the alliance and she's not part of it. He says he likes her a lot and hates that he and everyone else has lied to her. This is all news to her and Edna is now on high alert.

Over at Savaii, Tree Mail arrives with everyone's bathing suits. Dawn, as a Mormon, is thrilled to not be running around in her underwear anymore. The mail also announces a duel. Johnny Cochs steps up to go and when no one else will, Jim finally agrees to go as well. He is totally in with Johnny, but he would have preferred to not be too obvious. He was hoping someone else would go so as not to arouse suspicion.


Dawn is now telling us how concerned she is about her age on this tribe. As she's looking at Whitney and Elyse in their bikinis, she feels like she's the "Rudy" of this tribe and she's only 40. She knows she is going to have to continue to battle it out in challenges or she'll be the next to go. Next up is Jim trying to talk strategy with Ozzy and Elyse. He says that he thinks it's a good idea for the other tribe to think they're weak. Ozzy tells us that he thinks Jim is trying to play strategy too much. As he and Johnny Cochs leave, Ozzy pokes fun at them for all the strategy talk and how it's way too early to be thinking like that.

I'm of two minds on this subject. First - um, Oz? Yeah...that's why you suck at this game! Because you don't think "strategy" until your torch is getting snuffed with an immunity idol in your pocket. Second - Um, Oz? You are not Rob Mariano. Don't try to play his game. YOU can't control people. YOU aren't that smart. You need to stop goofing on these guys and consider them a serious threat to your game. If not, guess what? Your torch is getting snuffed with an immunity idol in your pocket. No sooner did I finish typing that, but Dawn says basically the same thing. That he is strategizing, just not with them. And that this is nothing but an attempt to have no one else actually thinking.

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