2020 Calvin Awards: Introduction

By David Mumpower

February 12, 2020

You haven't lived until you've been loved like this.

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This year has become something of a first here at The Calvins. Our publication schedule has remained consistent for nearly 20 years now. The Academy Awards, on the other hand, changed in 2020.

Their awards came two-to-three weeks earlier than usual, which means that we're behind the curve a bit. Amusingly, The Calvins started more than a week later last year but still published before the Oscars. Ah well. Change is good, right?

Speaking of change, we added a couple of new voters this year after status quo in 2018 and 2019. So, we've freshened up the mix a bit while maintaining our core of voters, more than half of which have been with us since the beginning. BOP's ridiculously fortunate to feature such a tight-knit group of talented people participating in our beloved annual group endeavor.

For 2020, we’re passionate about several films, two of which feature distinctively Eastern cultures. We also had a dogfight in the Best Television Show program, as the industry’s cataclysmic change has led to a plethora of marvelous entertainment options.

Our group felt strongly about four films, although one of them wasn’t in a positive way. And we relished several exciting new characters and Breakthrough Performances.

We were actually a bit more conventional than the past couple of years. Only one streaming service title won a movie award, although another managed to pull off a massive upset in a different category.

Overall, our staff has maximized the opportunity to take advantage of smaller and more international fare, though. We relish the ability to think for ourselves about what to watch rather than accept the studio system force-feeding that drove the industry only a few years ago.

Yes, much has changed, but the song remains the same. BOP's voting collective remains passionate, opinionated, and impossible to influence. Believe me. I've tried. If these jackals don't listen to me, they won't listen to anybody. Well, that's what I tell myself every time that my favorites get voted out of the top 10.

Folks, we’ve posted The Calvins 19 times now, and I couldn’t be prouder of that fact. Sure, next year will come with a nice round number, but I’m as excited about this year's results as any that have come before it. I hope you enjoy them, and I want to thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage over the years!

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