Box Office Prophets proudly announces
...the 2003 Calvin Awards

This is how the Web masters feel after compiling all this stuff.

So another movie year is over and obsessive movie fans the world over gather around to rank and evaluate the year. But who to turn to for opinions? Hollywood seems to think we should pay attention to their "Academy" just because they all happen to work in the industry, but we know better. They've got 75 years of history, sure, and they have their place. They've had their turn, though, and it's time to move over.

We present our second annual Calvin Awards as an antidote to the "same ol'-same ol'" that plagues the ceremony every year. Our talented staff of super-fans have made the process of looking back at the year simple with these handy lists of kudos. In addition to the awards various individuals have also written a little bit on how they felt the year went and have granted a "special award" to something that traditionally gets ignored. These individual pages will continue to be updated in the coming days as our voters come up with additional things they wish to add. The Oscars are great and all, but wouldn't you love to see a surly Russell Crowe sneeringly presenting a Worst Picture award to the year's biggest stinker?

OK, so we don't have Russell either, but we also don't have dance numbers and most of all, no Joan Rivers. If you're looking for awards where Spider-Man, The Hours and Adaptation can compete on equal footing, then you've come to the right place. (Reagen Sulewski/BOP)

2003 Calvin Awards

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Scene
  • Best Cast
  • Best Use of Music
  • Worst Picture
  • Best Trailer
  • Best DVD
  • Best Overlooked Film

    Individual Top Ten Lists

  • Stephanie DeGateo
  • Marty Doskins
  • Kim Hollis
  • Chris Hyde
  • Matt Kinney
  • Tony Kollath
  • Zach Kolkin
  • Dan Krovich
  • David Mumpower
  • Reagen Sulewski
  • Jennifer Turnock

    These pages will be constantly updated throughout the week of February 10-16th - keep checking back for additions. Bonus hint: you might want to learn what an image mouseover is.

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