2019 Calvin Awards: Introduction

By David Mumpower

February 20, 2019

It's a book, a papery thing with words.

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Welcome to the 18th annual edition of The Calvins, the signature update from Box Office Prophets! Yes, The Calvins are old enough to vote! Also, our entire staff is old. Seriously, we pre-date Netflix. We may pre-date chill, too.

BOP’s done this for a looooong time. When we started, the internet was still new and full of hope, and people didn’t even post politically motivated memes. I’m not saying it was a better time or anything. We’ve certainly come a long way in the realm of porn distribution sense then. But a lot has changed.

I mean, some people that we’ve nominated in categories weren’t even born when The Calvins first ran. Plus, a few of those early films aren’t even available on digital, which is kind of hard to believe. How is Murderball not available on Amazon or Vudu???

Anyway, you’ve read BOP long enough to know the deal here. Some of our categories are the ones that you’ll see listed on all major awards. I’m talking about Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay. Others are BOP originals, ones that our staff loves the best for their novelty.

You won’t see Best Character, Best Scene, or Breakthrough Performance anywhere else. Even our version of Best Use of Magic is a bit outside the norm. While we’re at it, we vote for Best Cast without any criteria or guidance.
Should someone love a two-person ensemble like You Can Count On Me, that’s fine. If they’re not a fan of Avengers: Infinity War but still love the cast, that’s okay, too. Best Cast is in the eye of the beholder, a subjective determination.


Honestly, that’s true of all of our voting. One staff member lamented a certain film’s very existence back in the spring. I mentioned that it was the runaway favorite to win at least Best Scene. It was like I told them that Santa Claus doesn’t exist (He totally does, kids. I’m just kidding.). Our staff takes this vote seriously.

Over the years, more than 100 contributors have chimed in with their thoughts on the best and worst of the year. Most of the time, they’ve been right. On other occasions, they’ve celebrated Star Wars films. Nobody’s perfect. Like you, I quietly judge them for their failings, but it’s still my group. I love them and am proud of them beyond description for what they’ve achieved over these past 18 years.

In this year’s edition of The Calvins, they’ve done extremely well with the voting. In other words, they’ve agreed with me a lot. I’m delighted with the outcome of Best Picture, Best TV Show, Breakthrough Performance, Character, and Worst Performance. I was unfortunately not a Prophet with regards to Best Scene, where a huge upset occurred.

Also, do you remember last year’s intro? Of course not. I’m asking too much of you. Anyway, I mentioned the rise of Netflix and other streaming services as viable theatrical alternatives. At the time, I was discussing stuff like The Cloverfield Paradox, which isn’t going to win any words. Since then, Roma’s come out and blurred a LOT of lines. It’s almost single-handedly forcing us to re-evaluate the category of Best Overlooked Movie.

In a way, Roma embodies everything that’s changed in the world of cinema since BOP started The Calvins. It’ s a whole new world, in the Disney vernacular, which is fitting since Disney+ will be here by the time the 19th annual version of The Calvins gets published next year.

Our staff doesn’t know what will happen next, as the nature of media consumption continues to evolve. All we can do is what we’ve always done: watch everything and celebrate our favorites while occasionally shaming the Twilights and 50 Shades-es of the world. That’s what The Calvins has always been about, and we’re thrilled that we can bring it to you again this year. We hope that you enjoy it!

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