Survivor: Game Changers Recap

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

By Kim Hollis

May 29, 2017

Most boring winner? Maybe.

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Previously on Survivor, a couple of quick Tribal Councils saw Andrea and Michaela voted out. Of course, that wasn’t really the noteworthy part of the episode. Instead, Cirie tried to use Sarah’s vote stealer unsuccessfully. The reason for her disqualification is that the vote stealer wasn’t transferable. Thus, Sarah kept it and used it (angrily). Now, she and Cirie are at odds, but at this point, it’s pretty close to being every person for him or herself.

So, at long last, we have reached the finale of this Game Changers season. Our final six contestants will be winnowed down to three before a final Tribal Council. Let’s look at the players left and their chances at winning.

Aubry – Although Aubry is pretty enjoyable on a personal level, she hasn’t had the greatest season of Survivor. For the majority of the season, she’s been either in the minority alliance or in no real alliance at all. Much as we might like to see her win, it’s not going to happen.

Brad Culpepper – Speaking of being on the wrong side of alliances, it’s a miracle that Brad has lasted this long. He’s stepped back from some of the alpha male behavior that bit him during his first season, showing a more sensitive side. If he can somehow Immunity his way into the Final Three, he has a fair shot at winning (depending on the jury composition, of course).


Cirie – She’s not winning, and in fact, she may not make it past the next vote after the vote stealer gambit failed. Honestly, if they don’t vote her out, they’re fools. No way should she have made it to even the final six.

Sarah – It’s never felt like she’s played a particularly special game, but she’s done enough. She’s gotten people to vote with her, and she’s managed to be on the right side of alliances most of the time. She’s probably one of the most boring members of this cast, but for this season, she’s made a few moves that could win the respect of her peers in a final tribal. I would not take her to the Final Three if I could avoid it.

Tai – He’s really, really, really bad at the game of Survivor. Some of this is because he wears his heart on his sleeve, but it’s also because he can’t keep any secrets to himself. For that reason, he’s viewed as not trustworthy, which is fair. He just seems to be one of those people who collapses mentally as the game lasts longer. If it were me, I’d take him to the Final Three, because I see no way he wins.

Troyzan – Speaking of people to take to the Final Three, Troyzan has done absolutely nothing noteworthy gameplay-wise this season. He’ll certainly be viewed as a coattail-rider. The thing is, he hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s made sure he’s not the one receiving votes. He’s stuck with his alliances. But in a season titled “Game Changers,” his peers are going to expect more than what he’s offered with his subtle play.

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