Survivor: Game Changers Recap

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

By Kim Hollis

May 29, 2017

Most boring winner? Maybe.

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Back to Sarah, and everyone feels super slimy about their “friendships” with her. Tai says that he’s really troubled by this epiphany, because he believed that what he had with Sarah was real. Everyone laughs again. This leads Sarah to talk about herself in the third person and note that she tried to be real the first time she played, but that got her nowhere. She decided to do whatever it took this time around. And she’s able to do this because she’s translating her cop persona to the game of Survivor.

Debbie talks about Machiavelli and Lady MacBeth. She makes no sense. Michaela wonders why everyone took Sarah’s actions so personally, which earns a glower from Debbie.

Then, Michaela finally addresses Troyzan, who might as well not have been there up to now. She wonders what he actually did from a social perspective. He said he talked to everyone and had social experiences. Ozzy thinks there’s a difference between being a passenger and a driver. Aubry tries to throw him a lifeline by asking what his strategy was. He basically says that he just tried to avoid being voted out.

“So, a little like Sandra without the sass,” Aubry says.

Sierra defends him, saying that she was in an alliance with him and had the opportunity to see more of the nuances of his gameplay. Aubry tells him it ain’t over yet.

Brad notes that he and Michaela were kind of like oil and water, but tells Tai that they most have gotten along well enough, because Tai told him about the two idols. Brad says he was just trying to get some sort of display of trust out of him.

“Do you know how you talk to people?” Tai asks. He’s absolutely right.

Clarifying, Haley asks, “Did you say that you used condescension as a strategy?”

She’s gonna be a great attorney, we think.


Debbie excuses Brad’s alpha behavior by attributing it to testosterone. Eye roll.

We spend less time on Outplay. Ozzy declares that Brad won, snottily telling the other jury members that Brad should win because he relied upon himself and won challenges.

Probst moves on to Debbie. We fast forward.

Sarah reminds everyone that Brad was once a professional athlete, and says that she had to rely on the tools she had to outplay. She manipulated Sierra into giving her the legacy advantage, for example. Her attention to detail allowed her to get the vote stealer and later use it against Michaela. She was in on every single vote, too.

They make their final arguments, which are about what you’d expect, although Troyzan just basically tells everyone how much he loved playing with them and understands he’s not getting any votes. He says this through tears.

And in the end, the winner of Survivor Game Changers is Sarah. She got every vote except three. As you might expect, those three were Ozzy, Debbie and Sierra.

Thanks for hanging with us for Survivor this season – see you in the fall!

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