Survivor: Game Changers Recap

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

By Kim Hollis

May 29, 2017

Most boring winner? Maybe.

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Culpepper wins his fifth Immunity Challenge in a row, equaling the record. He’s in the Final Three.

“Quite frankly, I can beat every single one of them,” Brad says. However, he plans to send Tai home because of all his betrayals. I think it’ll be close between him and Sarah if that’s what it comes to, but he could demolish Tai in a vote.

So I guess we’re playing “It’s Anyone But Tai.”

Tai tries to convince Sarah that they should join forces and vote Troyzan to send the game to a tie and fire-building. Sarah would be silly to think anyone but Tai is going home, though. She figures that Tai has made big moves and played three idols, while Troyzan hasn’t done much of anything. Tai tells her how to make fire, but she only seems to be semi-paying attention. She doesn’t need to know how if they vote for Tai.

Tribal Council is spent convincing us that maybe someone other than Tai will go home, but obviously they vote him out. If there is one thing Brad has right, it’s that he can beat Troyzan in the Final Tribal. But can he beat Sarah? Brad thinks so.

Day 39 and we’re just wasting time until the final Tribal Council. The three remaining Survivors eat their feast and ruminate on their chances to win.


On to the Tribal Council we’ve all been waiting for. This time, they’re going to handle things a little bit differently. They’ll allow more open discussion between the jury and the final three. The focus will be the three tenets of Survivor – outwit, outplay and outlast.

Beginning with a discussion of outwit/social, Zeke addresses Sarah. He mentions that he had given her his jacket to wear on a cold night at Tribal Council – and then she blindsided him. Then, she wore his jacket to every Tribal Council after that. “Hot damn, that is badass,” he says. He brings up that Sierra gave Sarah the Legacy Advantage even as she was voting her out. “I will be your champion,” Zeke says.

On the other hand, Andrea says that Sarah’s social manipulation feels gross. Sarah replies that her relationships in the game were real. Many of the jury members laugh uproariously.

At this point, Ozzy lectures Sarah about her dishonesty and says that he is Brad’s champion. He can be so sanctimonious sometimes.

But who will be Troyzan’s champion?

Some of the jury members wonder how much Brad relied on Sierra being the brain of their alliance to get where he is tonight. He claims that he was part of the biggest game changing move of the game when JT told him Sierra would be voted out, and he saved her and eliminated Malcolm.

Michaela wonders, since this is the discussion of the social aspect of the game, how much Brad actually knows about her. He rattles off some superficial things, but conversely, we wonder how much she knows about Brad.

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