Survivor: Game Changers Recap

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

By Kim Hollis

May 29, 2017

Most boring winner? Maybe.

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He’s able to choose one person to enjoy reward with him, and he picks Troyzan without hesitation. However, Jeff tells him to pick one more person, and he goes with Sarah. She figures that hanging with the two of them will allow her to find out who might be willing to go to the end with her.

During their dinner, the three of them decide that they will vote for Aubry, although Brad would also like to force Tai to use one of his idols so he can get rid of him next time.

So… Brad goes to bully Tai. He says he needs a leap of faith from Tai. They’ll be voting for Aubry, but if he’s going to continue to trust Tai, he is required to play his idol.

“The only way I’ll believe in you is if you give me that second idol,” says Brad.

Let’s remember that this kind of bullying hasn’t really worked well on Tai in the past and for good reason. And there’s really no reason for him to give up his idol to Brad.

Tai goes to Aubry and starts crying as he reveals his idols to her. He tells her that she’s set to go home and that Brad is bullying him. Cirie interrupts to try to get Tai to join forces with her and Aubry. Eventually, Tai sends her away and cries a little bit more as he tries to get advice from Aubry.


By the time Tribal Council arrives, the only person who doesn’t know Tai has two idols is Cirie. “I need to toughen up,” Tai says, as he cries. The only reason people are trying to work with him is because they want something. Welcome to the game of Survivor, big guy.

At Tribal Council, Aubry tells Probst that the group had come to a conclusion that they had a rat in their midst – Tai. He excuses his behavior by saying that everyone lies and deceives in the game. “We were all caught lying. Why am I the only one getting the heat?”

Sarah says it’s because he doesn’t take responsibility for his lies, but Probst wonders if that isn’t a little bit hypocritical.

Even though it seemed at the beginning of the episode that Cirie was in serious trouble, Tai is obviously the odd man out at this Tribal Council. Still, assuming he plays his idol, there’s no reason to think he’s going home. Since Sarah must play her idol and Troyzan is pretty much forced to do so if the other two do, we’re looking at a choice between Aubry and Cirie tonight.

Probst asks if anyone would like to use a hidden Immunity Idol.

Tai gets up and says he’d like to play his blue idol for himself. He has a red idol that he’d like to play for Aubry. Then, Sarah plays her legacy advantage. Troyzan, with sudden awareness dawning all over his face, gets up and plays his idol.

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