Survivor: Game Changers Recap

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

By Kim Hollis

May 29, 2017

Most boring winner? Maybe.

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Before we get started, let’s remember that Troyzan has an Immunity Idol, Tai has two Immunity Idols, and Sarah has an Immunity Idol that must be used at the next Tribal Council. That’s four idols and six people. Fun times ahead!

Let’s all pretend to be surprised by the fact that Sarah is pretty pissed that Cirie tried to use the vote stealer. In fact, she used the vote stealer specifically to get rid of Michaela because Michaela was Cirie’s “right hand man.”

Cirie tries to explain to Sarah that Tai had machinated the vote against Sarah, and that she was trying to keep her in the game. Of course, Sarah rightly points out that Cirie should have, you know, talked to her about it first.

On the plus side, Sarah notes, at least she still has her legacy advantage to be used at the next Tribal Council. Cirie knows she’s in big trouble, though.

Tai does admit to throwing Sarah’s name out as the person to vote out as the biggest threat. As a result, Sarah apologizes to Cirie and starts yelling at at Tai. He’s busted, but he still has two idols. He figures that he might be able to use them to gain trust.


Remember how we said that Tai can never keep his mouth shut? The next little while is the perfect example of that problem playing out. He goes straight to Brad Culpepper and tells him he has an idol. Actually, he tells him he has two idols. I guess he figures he wants to try to work with the guys now. Or something. We don’t know.

“Don’t tell Sarah,” Brad says to Tai. (Tai will probably tell everyone at camp that he has two idols.) Brad isn’t sure that he believes Tai has idols. He figures he can “use” him for votes.

With that, it’s time for a Probst sighting. They’re a lot less exciting than they used to be, believe us. Anyway, we’re going to do a combination Immunity/Reward Challenge. Today’s challenge has Survivors racing through a giant maze and collecting three bags along the way. The bags contain puzzle pieces for a final puzzle.

The winner of the challenge gets immunity, chicken parm and spaghetti and a dessert of key lime pie.

First two players back to work on the puzzle are Brad and Aubry, followed closely by Cirie and Troyzan. The puzzle has 41 pieces. Culpepper and Aubry get off to a fast start, and Sarah catches up. In the end, the race is between Sarah and Brad for immunity. Culpepper gets to his final piece and then realizes he’s missing a piece. He searches the bags and finds the one he was lacking. With that, he completes the puzzle and wins his third Immunity Challenge in a row.

“Pretty good for a dumb jock,” he says. (Of course, he’s a “dumb jock” who won the Academic Heisman, graduated after his junior year of college with a BA in History, and acquired his law degree with honors.)

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