Survivor: Game Changers Recap

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

By Kim Hollis

May 29, 2017

Most boring winner? Maybe.

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Thus, Cirie is the only person who can get voted out. For the first time ever, someone is voted out without receiving a vote. This Tribal Council has the most immunity idols ever played, the most people safe from votes, and the first person to be voted out without getting a vote.

Probst gives Cirie her due respect. There are very few people in the game that he likes as much as he does her. She cries while she talks about her love for the game.

“It has been an honor to have you as a part of the Survivor family,” says Probst, and everyone claps for her.

We go straight from Tribal Council to our next Immunity Challenge. It’s one of those mental challenges that involve using paddles to maneuver a ball through a series of obstacles. The first person to transfer three all the way to the finish, wins immunity. If they drop a ball, they have to go back to the start (although they don’t lose any balls that are in the final spot).

It’s one of those challenges that is boring as hell to recap. Brad Culpepper gets all of his balls complete before anyone else can even get one. He’s won his fourth Immunity Challenge in a row and is now just one away from the record. He cries as he says that the win was for Monica.

Aubry figures that she is in really bad shape now, especially because Brad has shown no interest in working with her.


And in fact, Brad, Sarah and Troyzan agree that they will vote for Aubry. She makes the argument that Troyzan should go because Brad will for sure take Troy to the final. It’s an okay argument, but it sounds like everyone, including Tai is in agreement that Aubry poses the greatest threat in the Final Three.

Brad bullies Tai a bit more. This makes Tai decide to flip back over to Aubry. Sigh.

Aubry argues for Troyzan at Tribal Council, and he non-humbly replies that he thinks he can beat anyone in the game. Sure, buddy. There’s a lot of jabber, but we’re pretty confident Aubry will go home here. She’s by far the bigger threat both in challenges and at a final tribal council than Troyzan or Tai. And apparently, Sarah’s not on the chopping block, but she really should be.

No one has a hidden Immunity Idol, so whoever receives the most votes will be gone tonight. Aubry gets every vote except her own. She says she’s happy to be on the jury, though.

And so we have arrived at the final Immunity Challenge. Today, they’ll go through an obstacle and down a giant water slide, collecting pieces for a lighthouse puzzle. Sarah takes an early lead, with Troyzan close behind her. Eventually, Troy falls way behind and Culpepper catches up. By the time they get to their third bag, Brad has passed her. Still, all three of Tai, Culpepper and Sarah are working on their puzzle at the same time. Troyzan eventually gets his final puzzle pieces, and all Survivors are constructing their lighthouses.

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