Survivor Casting Spoilers

Discussing Season 34's All Star Cast

By Jim Van Nest

July 6, 2016

Guess who's back... back again...

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Hello, good people! Bet you didn't expect to hear from me so soon, did ya? Seems like I just got finished putting a bow on Season 32 of Survivor in Kaoh Rong, Cambodia. Well, I usually don't have a lot of off-season Survivor content, but something came out a few weeks ago that we here at BOP feel y'all might want to hear about and discuss as we begin the long summer doldrums waiting to make fun of the whole Gen X'ers v Millennials concept.

As you may or may not know, I am not a fan of spoilers of my favorite show. I do everything I can to avoid them and when I write my previews and recaps, I am always as spoiler-free as I can be. I don't want to know how it ends. I don't want to know boot orders. I don't want to know who screws over whom. And I certainly don't want to know who wins. There is, however, one exception to my avoidance of spoilers - casting spoilers, especially for All-Star seasons. I love to know as soon as possible who is in the running for a returning spot on the show and I definitely want to know who made the cut. It is under this banner that I come to you today, good people.


In the world of reality TV spoilers, there are a handful (or less) of really reliable ones out there. We've done a roundtable with MissyAE, probably the most notable of Survivor spoilers, here at BOP. But the information that will be presented in this article come from this column over at Inside Survivor. This column, as well as several preceding columns that took us through most of the casting process for this All Star season, was posted up by Survivor Spoiler Extraordinaire - Martin "Redmond" Holmes. He's also in the process of giving thorough introductions to the Season 33 cast, if you want to check them out. Redmond is VERY good at what he does, so if he tells you this is the cast for Season 34's All-Star season, I believe him.

It's at this point that I need to be clear - here there be spoilers. Once I'm done typing this warning, I'll be posting pictures and information on 18 of the 20 Castaways for next spring's All-Star edition of Survivor. If you don't want to see or don't want to know, leave now. I won't be mad. But, if you want to see who we'll get to root for (or against) - please, come on in! Also, at the end of this, there were other players in the mix for this season that just missed the cut. I'll cover some of them at the end as well as let you know who I would take off this cast and who I'd replace them with (of the other names that were leaked).

Oh yeah, one last thing before we get started. This is going to be a 20-player season, but I'll only be talking about 18 people. That's because two of the returnees are from Season 33, which obviously hasn't aired yet. You can click through to the Inside Survivor article and then click through again to see those two people, if you want. I don't want to know who is returning from next season, because it's a good indicator of who does well. Or at the very least, who is memorable. So, I'll leave those two until after Season 33 is finished. All right, enough of my yammering, here they are - your Season 34 Survivor All-Stars!!!

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