Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 11 - My Wheels Are Spinning

By Jim Van Nest

December 1, 2015

How about you marinate in *that*?

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Part 2 or our super-sized Thanksgiving edition of the Survivor recap. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Jeremy's huge idol play that saved Stephen Fishbach and sent Ciera to the jury. Wait a minute... Anyway, I wrapped up that column by saying that we still have one idol, two witches and one huge advantage left in the game. I forgot to mention that we also have on3 guy who has not lost an immunity challenge yet. And the target on his head just gets bigger with every single challenge. But before we see if he can make it five in a row, we have to see the aftermath of Jeremy's huge idol move that kept Fishbach's second chance hopes alive.

Right after Ciera took the walk of shame, we come back to camp to check in with the remaining players. Everyone congratulates Jeremy for the play. Stephen tells us that he had no idea that Jeremy had an idol and that he owes him for the rest of the game. Jeremy tells him that they have had each other's backs and he really meant it when he said it. Jeremy also tells Spencer that they're fine and that he has nothing to worry about. He tells him he would do the same for Spencer. Spencer, however, tells us that he does not believe it and that maybe it's time jump ship with anyone else that's ready to jump ship.

Day 27 dawns and it's still frickin' raining! Stephen tells us that he is annoyed that he had no idea what was going on last night. He didn't know who was voting for whom. He didn't know he was the target and he didn't know Jeremy had an idol. He knew absolutely nothing about what was going on. Talk turns to Stephen's feet and how messed up there are. They are swollen and he's having trouble even walking at this point. And as the sun sets on Day 27 - we have a night challenge! Woo hoo!!! We love night challenges!


Tonight's challenge is an oldie but a goodie. It's the Survivor Folklore challenge. Jeff will tell a story and the players will wander out into the jungle to find question stations. There are five of them. Answer the question and you'll get a medallion. The gold medallion is right, the wood medallion is wrong. First one to get five gold medallions wins reward. They'll be picked up by chopper and whisked away to a five-star resort where they'll have food galore and get a nice time to relax. As the challenge gets ready to begin, we are shown a quick graphic of an idol clue being packaged with one of the correct gold medallions. Ooooh, the stakes just got even higher. Jeff tells his story with everyone listening attentively. On his mark, the challenge is ready to begin.

Everyone scatters into the jungle and starts answering questions. Spencer is back first and unwraps his medallion. It's gold and he's in the lead. As everyone is everywhere, it's hard to recap the challenge. At this point, Stephen and Spencer have two as does Abi. Several have one. Kelley Wentworth comes back with a medallion and when she opens it up, she has the idol clue. She tucks it away and continues on while telling us in confessional how lucky she is to have grabbed that particular package.

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