Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 11 - My Wheels Are Spinning

By Jim Van Nest

December 1, 2015

How about you marinate in *that*?

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Wentworth tells us that Tasha, Jeremy, Kimmi and Stephen are voting for Joe but the other five could get together and break those plans. She tells Keith to NOT vote Joe and to vote for Fishbach. Spencer tells Joe that the vote is for Stephen tonight. Joe tells us that there is a plan to save him tonight, but it will rely on a bunch of people sticking with him. He just hopes his social game is up to snuff to get him through this tribal.

And now it's time to play, "everyone try to pacify Abi Maria" as somehow, even though Stephen and Joe are the only names mentioned as potential vote getters, she thinks she's in trouble. She starts by talking to Stephen and he tells her that Joe is the vote. She gives him the look and response that suggests she doesn't totally believe it, which causes Stephen to question her. In turn, this makes her do her typical shtick. Where the hell is Cesternino to just gather everyone and get them all to send her ass packing? Please!!

Stephen has now set his sights to convincing Joe that Abi is the vote. He and Jeremy do their best to convince him, and Joe plays right into it saying that he is fine with voting for Abi. Abi sees this and does her Abi thing where now no one knows what she's doing tonight. Kelley tries to convince her that she should stick with the plan and vote out Fishbach. Spencer talks to Abi and tries to convince her that Stephen is still the plan. I can't stand her. Why am I even talking about her anymore? Let's just get past this and to Tribal.


Kelley mentions that if anything seems wonky, she's bringing out her idol. Oh, before we go to Tribal, Jeremy and Stephen talk about Joe, and Jeremy is convinced that Joe has an idol. So they decide to split the votes between Abi and Joe. Stephen plans to use his advantage tonight to seal the deal. He talks to Spencer about voting for Abi and reveals his advantage to Spencer. Spencer tells us that even though everything is set up and it's been done right, this advantage could ruin everything he's been building over the last two days.

We get to Tribal and Jeff starts by asking Joe about being vulnerable for the first time. He says that he just hopes to get further in the game. Jeff asks Tasha about trust. She says that people are starting to realize that the voting bloc plan isn't really the way to get to the end, and it's time to make serious alliances and bonds. Kelley uses the reward challenge as her way of showing that alliances are formed out there.

Jeff now asks Stephen about his advantage, and Fishbach says that he knows it's a huge target. With so many options out there, Spencer says that with idols, split votes and mystery advantages there are so many things that could happen, it's hard to even work out. Jeff asks about the chances of a blindside tonight. Stephen says it's pretty low, about 33%.

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