Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap
Episode 11 - My Wheels Are Spinning
By Jim Van Nest
December 1, 2015

How about you marinate in *that*?

Hello, good people, and welcome back to Part 2 or our super-sized Thanksgiving edition of the Survivor recap. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about Jeremy's huge idol play that saved Stephen Fishbach and sent Ciera to the jury. Wait a minute... Anyway, I wrapped up that column by saying that we still have one idol, two witches and one huge advantage left in the game. I forgot to mention that we also have on3 guy who has not lost an immunity challenge yet. And the target on his head just gets bigger with every single challenge. But before we see if he can make it five in a row, we have to see the aftermath of Jeremy's huge idol move that kept Fishbach's second chance hopes alive.

Right after Ciera took the walk of shame, we come back to camp to check in with the remaining players. Everyone congratulates Jeremy for the play. Stephen tells us that he had no idea that Jeremy had an idol and that he owes him for the rest of the game. Jeremy tells him that they have had each other's backs and he really meant it when he said it. Jeremy also tells Spencer that they're fine and that he has nothing to worry about. He tells him he would do the same for Spencer. Spencer, however, tells us that he does not believe it and that maybe it's time jump ship with anyone else that's ready to jump ship.

Day 27 dawns and it's still frickin' raining! Stephen tells us that he is annoyed that he had no idea what was going on last night. He didn't know who was voting for whom. He didn't know he was the target and he didn't know Jeremy had an idol. He knew absolutely nothing about what was going on. Talk turns to Stephen's feet and how messed up there are. They are swollen and he's having trouble even walking at this point. And as the sun sets on Day 27 - we have a night challenge! Woo hoo!!! We love night challenges!

Tonight's challenge is an oldie but a goodie. It's the Survivor Folklore challenge. Jeff will tell a story and the players will wander out into the jungle to find question stations. There are five of them. Answer the question and you'll get a medallion. The gold medallion is right, the wood medallion is wrong. First one to get five gold medallions wins reward. They'll be picked up by chopper and whisked away to a five-star resort where they'll have food galore and get a nice time to relax. As the challenge gets ready to begin, we are shown a quick graphic of an idol clue being packaged with one of the correct gold medallions. Ooooh, the stakes just got even higher. Jeff tells his story with everyone listening attentively. On his mark, the challenge is ready to begin.

Everyone scatters into the jungle and starts answering questions. Spencer is back first and unwraps his medallion. It's gold and he's in the lead. As everyone is everywhere, it's hard to recap the challenge. At this point, Stephen and Spencer have two as does Abi. Several have one. Kelley Wentworth comes back with a medallion and when she opens it up, she has the idol clue. She tucks it away and continues on while telling us in confessional how lucky she is to have grabbed that particular package.

At this point, several have three medallions, but Spencer has #4. In an absolutely amazing scene, Stephen and Abi show up at the same question. Stephen opens the container for one of the wrong answers, Abi takes a medallion and he closes the lid and then takes a medallion from the correct answer. SO smooth! Spencer comes back with his fifth medallion but is wrong. So now it's a race between Stephen and Spencer. Both come back but Stephen gets his package opened first and is correct and Stephen wins reward!

As you would expect from a challenge like this, Stephen gets to take someone with him. He says that he has some issues with his alliance and he needs to patch it up, so he chooses Tasha. Um, what? Jeremy is shocked to not hear his name called here. Luckily, Jeff lets Stephen take a third person and he does the right thing and calls Jeremy's name. As we head to break, Spencer tells us Stephen made a very questionable decision here as he just showed who the tightest bonds are with. Spencer also says that it's obvious the bonds are tighter for them than they'll ever be for him, and maybe now is the time to make a move.

The tribe gets back to camp and congratulates Stephen for the win. Kelley tells us how excited she is to have another idol clue. The clue tells her that the idol is attached to the bottom of their shelter, right in the middle. So now, she has to have the chance to check the shelter with eight other people running around camp. Of course, three of those people will be gone, so she's hoping to get that shot.

Day 28 begins with a helicopter coming in to pick up the reward winners. And they are taken to an amazing resort. They have a ton of food laid out as well as some nice fruity drinks. Stephen tells us that he really needs to repair his relationship with Tasha. He starts talking to them, saying that there might be distrust between them, so to show them the trust, he reveals his advantage to them. They are blown away by the power of the vote stealer. Tasha once again mentions Joe as the big threat and they agree that he's gone if he ever loses.

We join the folks back at camp, and Abi asks Kimmi how she feels about not being included in the group to go on the reward. She says that she totally understands what Jeremy would be chosen. Keith even jumps in to say that you'd have to be blind to not see that they're the power three. Joe agrees this and tells us that he's really worried about the three that went and that Kimmi isn't upset about it. He says they're too strong.

So, when she leaves camp, Joe rallies the troops and says that they have to target Fishbach. Everyone seems to be on board, except, of course, Abi. She's worried that if he uses his advantage, she'll go home. She even suggests that Joe let her win immunity. His response is perfect, "" She tells us that she feels Joe and Spencer are sketchy, so she's not sure she can work with them. Oh joy - we're back to another Abi episode.

Back to the group, they decide that Stephen is the vote and that Tasha is the backup. Kelley tells us that she's thrilled that the strategy is done and now she wants everyone out so she can get the idol. Joe and Spencer take the boat out. Kimmi and Keith are down getting crabs and snails. Abi, however, will not leave the shelter. As Kelley's about to jump out of her skin, Abi just won't leave.

Finally, after what seems like forever, Abi goes to lie in the hammock and Kelley springs into action. As she's searching under the shelter, EVERYone starts to come back to camp. So, as she's trying to untie the idol, we see everyone walking back toward the shelter. Just in the nick of time, she grabs the idol, tucks it and gets out from under the shelter right before Joe gets back with his fish. Whew! So, there's another idol in play and still only two people have any knowledge about idols this season.

We're back from commercial and it's a Probst Sighting! Today's immunity challenge is from the Blood vs Water 2 season. This is the "do everything with your feet" challenge. They'll have to release a rope holding a bunch of blocks. They'll need to stack those blocks and then set a flag - only losing their feet. Keith and Jeremy both played this challenge and lost. Jeremy went home that night at Tribal. The challenge begins and Kelley and Abi are the first to release their blocks. Everyone is right behind, except Spencer. He's having a ton of trouble with the rope. As they progress, Keith is making great progress and Fishbach is falling out of it as his feet, "look prehistoric" according to Jeff.

Spencer has caught up to the pack a little and Keith and Jeremy both knock blocks off. Kelley is on her third level with Joe right behind. Keith and Spencer are in third and fourth place right now. Kelley is struggling with her top row and Keith, Joe and Spencer pass her up. As Jeff talks about the record Joe would tie with winning, his blocks tumble. Joe has repaired all his damage and almost caught back up with Spencer, who is in the lead. Spencer has a one block lead on Joe at this point, and everyone else has fallen out. Spencer now has only his flag to place to win the challenge. As Joe places his last block, Spencer sticks the flag and wins Immunity! And just like that, Joey Amazing is vulnerable. As we head to break, he tells us how nervous he is that he's going home on this one.

We come back from break and it's time to play "It's anyone but Joe." Stephen tells us that Joe has literally never been up for elimination. His tribe never went to Tribal during the tribe portion and he's had immunity for every individual Tribal. So it's been 29 days, and there has never been a chance to write his name down. Stephen rallies the group to get Joe out of the game. Everyone under the shelter agrees with this plan. Tasha suggests that if Joe asks anyone, they should tell him Abi is the vote.

Wentworth tells us that Tasha, Jeremy, Kimmi and Stephen are voting for Joe but the other five could get together and break those plans. She tells Keith to NOT vote Joe and to vote for Fishbach. Spencer tells Joe that the vote is for Stephen tonight. Joe tells us that there is a plan to save him tonight, but it will rely on a bunch of people sticking with him. He just hopes his social game is up to snuff to get him through this tribal.

And now it's time to play, "everyone try to pacify Abi Maria" as somehow, even though Stephen and Joe are the only names mentioned as potential vote getters, she thinks she's in trouble. She starts by talking to Stephen and he tells her that Joe is the vote. She gives him the look and response that suggests she doesn't totally believe it, which causes Stephen to question her. In turn, this makes her do her typical shtick. Where the hell is Cesternino to just gather everyone and get them all to send her ass packing? Please!!

Stephen has now set his sights to convincing Joe that Abi is the vote. He and Jeremy do their best to convince him, and Joe plays right into it saying that he is fine with voting for Abi. Abi sees this and does her Abi thing where now no one knows what she's doing tonight. Kelley tries to convince her that she should stick with the plan and vote out Fishbach. Spencer talks to Abi and tries to convince her that Stephen is still the plan. I can't stand her. Why am I even talking about her anymore? Let's just get past this and to Tribal.

Kelley mentions that if anything seems wonky, she's bringing out her idol. Oh, before we go to Tribal, Jeremy and Stephen talk about Joe, and Jeremy is convinced that Joe has an idol. So they decide to split the votes between Abi and Joe. Stephen plans to use his advantage tonight to seal the deal. He talks to Spencer about voting for Abi and reveals his advantage to Spencer. Spencer tells us that even though everything is set up and it's been done right, this advantage could ruin everything he's been building over the last two days.

We get to Tribal and Jeff starts by asking Joe about being vulnerable for the first time. He says that he just hopes to get further in the game. Jeff asks Tasha about trust. She says that people are starting to realize that the voting bloc plan isn't really the way to get to the end, and it's time to make serious alliances and bonds. Kelley uses the reward challenge as her way of showing that alliances are formed out there.

Jeff now asks Stephen about his advantage, and Fishbach says that he knows it's a huge target. With so many options out there, Spencer says that with idols, split votes and mystery advantages there are so many things that could happen, it's hard to even work out. Jeff asks about the chances of a blindside tonight. Stephen says it's pretty low, about 33%.

As it's time to vote, Stephen raises his hand to play his advantage. Jeff has him explain his advantage. He tells them all that he can steal someone's vote and cast it himself. He tells Jeff that he wants to steal Joe's vote. And with that, Joe is pissed and he's pretty much grabbing his bag to go home. Jeff confirms the advantage. Joe will not cast a vote, and when Stephen goes to vote, he will vote twice. And NOW, it's time to vote.

The only votes we see are Stephen casting his own vote for Abi. And then he casts Joe's vote for Joe. And then he stands there to, "marinate in it." And he soaks in his brilliant play as he prepares for Joe to finally go home. The question now is whether Kelley will pull out an idol to save Joe. Everything could be shot to hell if she does. Jeff asks the question and no idol is played. Time to read the votes.

The votes go as follows: Joe. Abi. Fishbach. Joe. Abi. Abi. Fishbach. Fishbach, So, there's three votes Abi and Fishbach and two votes Joe. One vote left. 11th person voted out and fifth member of the jury, Fishbach. As his game collapses as his feet, Stephen congratulates everyone on the play and the blindside, and he sees his second chance snuffed.

And for the second season in a row we've seen a huge advantage with the vote played and wasted as the person playing the advantage goes home at the Tribal where he played it. This cast is having a helluva time with the vote split. They don't split and Wentworth sends Savage home. They do split and Stephen essentially votes himself out. As we hear his final words, we see that the votes were split like this: Kimmi, Tasha and Stephen's first vote were for Abi. Spencer, Abi, Keith and Kelley voted for Stephen and Jeremy and Stephen's second vote were cast for Joe. At this point, I'm going to go ahead and declare both the vote doubler and the vote stealer as unmitigated disasters for the person winning them. I think the play from now on will be to leverage this advantage or maybe even give it away. Because it's obvious that playing them is not easy and simply having them makes you the biggest target in the game.

And next time on Survivor: Looks like there's some love from home coming at the reward challenge, but we seem to have a scary medical issue. As we see part of the challenge fall, we hear Jeff call in medical and get reaction shots from Kelley, Kimmi and Tasha that look bad.

As the preview ends, we see a finger with an oxygen sensor on it. Looks like someone is going to give out. It is definitely a guy and it's not Jeremy. I can only assume something happens to Keith. Spencer and Joe are awfully young and in really good shape and it stands to reason that the oldest player out there might have some sort of issue with his body. Either way, let's hope that whoever it is is okay and that they're able to stay on in the game. Until next week, thanks for hanging with me for the super stuffed edition of Survivor and we'll do it all again next week. Take care!