Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 11 - My Wheels Are Spinning

By Jim Van Nest

December 1, 2015

How about you marinate in *that*?

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Back to the group, they decide that Stephen is the vote and that Tasha is the backup. Kelley tells us that she's thrilled that the strategy is done and now she wants everyone out so she can get the idol. Joe and Spencer take the boat out. Kimmi and Keith are down getting crabs and snails. Abi, however, will not leave the shelter. As Kelley's about to jump out of her skin, Abi just won't leave.

Finally, after what seems like forever, Abi goes to lie in the hammock and Kelley springs into action. As she's searching under the shelter, EVERYone starts to come back to camp. So, as she's trying to untie the idol, we see everyone walking back toward the shelter. Just in the nick of time, she grabs the idol, tucks it and gets out from under the shelter right before Joe gets back with his fish. Whew! So, there's another idol in play and still only two people have any knowledge about idols this season.

We're back from commercial and it's a Probst Sighting! Today's immunity challenge is from the Blood vs Water 2 season. This is the "do everything with your feet" challenge. They'll have to release a rope holding a bunch of blocks. They'll need to stack those blocks and then set a flag - only losing their feet. Keith and Jeremy both played this challenge and lost. Jeremy went home that night at Tribal. The challenge begins and Kelley and Abi are the first to release their blocks. Everyone is right behind, except Spencer. He's having a ton of trouble with the rope. As they progress, Keith is making great progress and Fishbach is falling out of it as his feet, "look prehistoric" according to Jeff.


Spencer has caught up to the pack a little and Keith and Jeremy both knock blocks off. Kelley is on her third level with Joe right behind. Keith and Spencer are in third and fourth place right now. Kelley is struggling with her top row and Keith, Joe and Spencer pass her up. As Jeff talks about the record Joe would tie with winning, his blocks tumble. Joe has repaired all his damage and almost caught back up with Spencer, who is in the lead. Spencer has a one block lead on Joe at this point, and everyone else has fallen out. Spencer now has only his flag to place to win the challenge. As Joe places his last block, Spencer sticks the flag and wins Immunity! And just like that, Joey Amazing is vulnerable. As we head to break, he tells us how nervous he is that he's going home on this one.

We come back from break and it's time to play "It's anyone but Joe." Stephen tells us that Joe has literally never been up for elimination. His tribe never went to Tribal during the tribe portion and he's had immunity for every individual Tribal. So it's been 29 days, and there has never been a chance to write his name down. Stephen rallies the group to get Joe out of the game. Everyone under the shelter agrees with this plan. Tasha suggests that if Joe asks anyone, they should tell him Abi is the vote.

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