Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 11 - My Wheels Are Spinning

By Jim Van Nest

December 1, 2015

How about you marinate in *that*?

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As it's time to vote, Stephen raises his hand to play his advantage. Jeff has him explain his advantage. He tells them all that he can steal someone's vote and cast it himself. He tells Jeff that he wants to steal Joe's vote. And with that, Joe is pissed and he's pretty much grabbing his bag to go home. Jeff confirms the advantage. Joe will not cast a vote, and when Stephen goes to vote, he will vote twice. And NOW, it's time to vote.

The only votes we see are Stephen casting his own vote for Abi. And then he casts Joe's vote for Joe. And then he stands there to, "marinate in it." And he soaks in his brilliant play as he prepares for Joe to finally go home. The question now is whether Kelley will pull out an idol to save Joe. Everything could be shot to hell if she does. Jeff asks the question and no idol is played. Time to read the votes.

The votes go as follows: Joe. Abi. Fishbach. Joe. Abi. Abi. Fishbach. Fishbach, So, there's three votes Abi and Fishbach and two votes Joe. One vote left. 11th person voted out and fifth member of the jury, Fishbach. As his game collapses as his feet, Stephen congratulates everyone on the play and the blindside, and he sees his second chance snuffed.


And for the second season in a row we've seen a huge advantage with the vote played and wasted as the person playing the advantage goes home at the Tribal where he played it. This cast is having a helluva time with the vote split. They don't split and Wentworth sends Savage home. They do split and Stephen essentially votes himself out. As we hear his final words, we see that the votes were split like this: Kimmi, Tasha and Stephen's first vote were for Abi. Spencer, Abi, Keith and Kelley voted for Stephen and Jeremy and Stephen's second vote were cast for Joe. At this point, I'm going to go ahead and declare both the vote doubler and the vote stealer as unmitigated disasters for the person winning them. I think the play from now on will be to leverage this advantage or maybe even give it away. Because it's obvious that playing them is not easy and simply having them makes you the biggest target in the game.

And next time on Survivor: Looks like there's some love from home coming at the reward challenge, but we seem to have a scary medical issue. As we see part of the challenge fall, we hear Jeff call in medical and get reaction shots from Kelley, Kimmi and Tasha that look bad.

As the preview ends, we see a finger with an oxygen sensor on it. Looks like someone is going to give out. It is definitely a guy and it's not Jeremy. I can only assume something happens to Keith. Spencer and Joe are awfully young and in really good shape and it stands to reason that the oldest player out there might have some sort of issue with his body. Either way, let's hope that whoever it is is okay and that they're able to stay on in the game. Until next week, thanks for hanging with me for the super stuffed edition of Survivor and we'll do it all again next week. Take care!

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