Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 11 - My Wheels Are Spinning

By Jim Van Nest

December 1, 2015

How about you marinate in *that*?

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At this point, several have three medallions, but Spencer has #4. In an absolutely amazing scene, Stephen and Abi show up at the same question. Stephen opens the container for one of the wrong answers, Abi takes a medallion and he closes the lid and then takes a medallion from the correct answer. SO smooth! Spencer comes back with his fifth medallion but is wrong. So now it's a race between Stephen and Spencer. Both come back but Stephen gets his package opened first and is correct and Stephen wins reward!

As you would expect from a challenge like this, Stephen gets to take someone with him. He says that he has some issues with his alliance and he needs to patch it up, so he chooses Tasha. Um, what? Jeremy is shocked to not hear his name called here. Luckily, Jeff lets Stephen take a third person and he does the right thing and calls Jeremy's name. As we head to break, Spencer tells us Stephen made a very questionable decision here as he just showed who the tightest bonds are with. Spencer also says that it's obvious the bonds are tighter for them than they'll ever be for him, and maybe now is the time to make a move.

The tribe gets back to camp and congratulates Stephen for the win. Kelley tells us how excited she is to have another idol clue. The clue tells her that the idol is attached to the bottom of their shelter, right in the middle. So now, she has to have the chance to check the shelter with eight other people running around camp. Of course, three of those people will be gone, so she's hoping to get that shot.


Day 28 begins with a helicopter coming in to pick up the reward winners. And they are taken to an amazing resort. They have a ton of food laid out as well as some nice fruity drinks. Stephen tells us that he really needs to repair his relationship with Tasha. He starts talking to them, saying that there might be distrust between them, so to show them the trust, he reveals his advantage to them. They are blown away by the power of the vote stealer. Tasha once again mentions Joe as the big threat and they agree that he's gone if he ever loses.

We join the folks back at camp, and Abi asks Kimmi how she feels about not being included in the group to go on the reward. She says that she totally understands what Jeremy would be chosen. Keith even jumps in to say that you'd have to be blind to not see that they're the power three. Joe agrees this and tells us that he's really worried about the three that went and that Kimmi isn't upset about it. He says they're too strong.

So, when she leaves camp, Joe rallies the troops and says that they have to target Fishbach. Everyone seems to be on board, except, of course, Abi. She's worried that if he uses his advantage, she'll go home. She even suggests that Joe let her win immunity. His response is perfect, "" She tells us that she feels Joe and Spencer are sketchy, so she's not sure she can work with them. Oh joy - we're back to another Abi episode.

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