Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 6: Bunking with the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 3, 2015

Why are we watching still?

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Hello, good people, and welcome to what is sure to be a very much talked about episode of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. Before we get to that, though, let's reset the season. As we sit right now, we still have three tribes in the game. Angkor is in shambles with only four members left, but they're riding high off two non-losses in a row. Bayon finally lost an immunity challenge and cut potential flipper Monica while keeping Wiglesworth and Spencer in play. They now have five members remaining, three old Bayon and two old Ta Keo. Ta Keo hasn't lost anything since the tribe swap and they have a stranglehold on this game. They also have a final five alliance that does not include Terry Dietz! But they still have all of their members and are showing no signs of losing. Ever. So, we have three tribes and 15 people left in the game...but things are about to get thrown for a loop.

Previews have shown two major events happening this week. The first is that Probst makes an odd visit to one camp in the middle of the night. Kass is seen and heard saying, "To have someone have to go home like this, it's worse than anything you can imagine in Survivor." So, someone is leaving the game and I wager it will be early in the episode. I say this because it sets up the other major event. Those three game-changing words are back again, "Drop your buffs."


The way I see it, someone leaves early, which leaves the game with 14 players and an escalated tribe swap. One other thing that's for sure...once all the evac and tribe swap thing is settled, we're going to have my absolute favorite challenge in Survivor. That's right, kiddies, gross food is back!!! In fact, I'm so excited about it, I'm done here. Let's get to the episode.

The episode begins NOT at the Bayon camp after the vote, but rather at Ta Keo on that same night. While everyone sleeps, except the rats, a boat makes its way to shore and out jumps Jeff Probst. This is not ever good. For Probst to come to camp, something bad had to happen. He makes his way to the shelter and searches out and wakes up Terry. He asks him to come to the beach with him. As it turns out, they've received a call from Terry's wife. His 16 year-old son, Danny, has taken ill and has been hospitalized. The doctor's and Terry's wife feel that this situation is serious enough that he needs to come home immediately. And just like that, Terry goes back to the group, gets his bag and tells them what's happening. He thanks them all for being there and that he couldn't have been with finer people. Kass tells us through tears that the devastation of getting a call about your child being sick when you're that far away is unimaginable. Keith tells the group that they need to "bring it home for him." We head to break with Kass hoping that when he gets there, everything will be okay.

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