Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 6: Bunking with the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 3, 2015

Why are we watching still?

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Jeff asks how Ciera navigates all this. She says that she's very good with that part of the game and that she'll usually follow her gut. Savage says that he's not too worried tonight. He has no doubts about tonight. "My judgment is my judgment. If I blow it, that's on me." It is time to vote.

We see Andrew's vote for Spencer telling him he's just too good at this game. We see Spencer's vote for Woo saying, "My fate tonight lies in the hands of Chaos Kass. God help me." Jeff will go tally the votes. He asks about an idol, and no one has one. So, let's read the votes. First vote: Spencer. Second vote: Woo. And it's right there that Savage starts to show some concern. Then Spencer and Spencer. Then Woo, Woo and the sixth person voted out of Survivor Second Chance is...Woo! Spencer lets out a sigh of relief. Savage wonders what went wrong. And Kelly Wiglesworth is still amazingly absent from any kind of expression or comment.


I'm not 100% sure I agree with that move for Kass, but I'm not sure it was so much her move. Ciera made the call and they've been together from day one. Kass really had to decide where her loyalties lie and she decided it's with Ciera and not Savage. And she just gained Spencer's loyalty in the bargain. Overall, I think I like the move...but it could still blow up in their face, should Spencer ever get footing in this game.

Next time on Survivor: the merge is coming and we see the players sporting sweet orange buffs. Oh yeah, and Chaos Kass is back. As they show her laying it down for several people about who they want to align with, she tell us that they've "unleashed the beast." And for some reason, I'm actually looking forward to some Chaos Kass action. Also, it should be noted that Joey Amazing made the merge (something he didn't do last season). All the strategy in the world may be for naught if they can't get this dude to lose a challenge. No matter what, the merge is where this game starts getting good, so I can't wait for it. See y'all next week. Take care!

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