Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 6: Bunking with the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 3, 2015

Why are we watching still?

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This leads us to Ciera talking to Kass and Abi about how she doesn't appreciate being the sacrificial lamb in Savage's game. She tells us that she is not going to sit by and watch the game go past her. She is going to play and play hard. Kass tells them that she's plenty happy to vote out Spencer, but Ciera wants to target Woo instead. You KNOW that's music to Abi's ears (he voted for her twice, ya know). Kass then tells us that she does NOT want to play with Spencer and that this vote was like handing it to her on a silver platter. But Ciera is against it and maybe Spencer can be useful after all.

Now we get to what we've all been waiting for, Spencer and Kass alone on the beach talking strategy. Kass tells Spencer that there are some things going on that could benefit him. He tells her how much he likes Savage and trusts him. She breaks the news to him that Savage is targeting him and using Ciera as a decoy. This blows him away, but then Kass lets him know that a new plan is afoot - and that Woo is the target. He asks about numbers and she tells him that she has Ciera and Abi and he'd be the fourth. And on a seven person tribe, 3 + 1 equals In. Spencer tells us that he doesn't have too much of a choice at this point and that he's gonna be bunkin' with the devil and is going to have to play with Kass.


As Kass revels in camp about getting to vote out Spencer, she tells us that she's not exactly sure what she's going to do. And I have to take a second here to point out the obvious...once again; Kass has herself in the position of the swing vote. How the hell does she keep landing here? It's fascinating that no matter the circumstance, if Kass is going to Tribal, her vote will be the deciding vote. It's crazy that she can keep doing this time after time. Anyway, she tells us that she can very easily write down Spencer's name and really enjoy it. At the same time, she can throw a monkey wrench into so many people’s games by simply writing down Woo. So, who will show up to Tribal? Calm Kass or Chaos Kass? Even she doesn't know right now.

As we get to Tribal, Kass and Ciera have to dip their torches in the fire. After all, fire represents life on this island. Once your fire is gone, so are you. Probst starts with Andrew, asking him how it's going. He says he's been making relationships and he thinks he's found some good ones. Spencer says that he's all about making relationships this time around, though it's very hard. Woo admits that he'll have to be more cutthroat this time around if he's to avoid his mistakes of the past.

Probst asks Kass how you navigate all the layers of relationships. She says it's hard to say. She was with Savage early on - is he still Bayon strong? She knows Woo and Spencer from Cagayan. She's been with Ciera since day one. She just doesn't know. Jeff asks her if that's the new Kass talking or Chaos Kass talking. She says that she's honestly not sure which Kass is there tonight. Andrew says that he's been with Kass for a while and he's never seen Chaos Kass, all he's seen is a loving Kass.

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