Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 6: Bunking with the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 3, 2015

Why are we watching still?

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And we're back from commercial to a Probst sighting!! Today's immunity challenge is the good ole gross food challenge. This will be head to head challenge. First person to finish their item wins a point for their tribe. First tribe to four wins immunity. And actually, the first round is a two on two battle. Kimmi and Tasha are taking on Woo and Spencer. Their item? Not one, but two tarantulas. First pair to choke down both of their tarantulas scores a point for their tribe. Spencer is the first one done, followed by Woo. One for Ta Keo.

Next up is Jeremy and Keith against Ciera and Savage. They're eating huge water bugs. Savage and Jeremy both finish quickly. Ciera does her best, but she comes up short as Keith gets both of his bugs down. We're tied. Round three is a pig snout and features Stephen and Wentworth against Kass and Abi. Stephen finishes first, followed by Abi. As Kass throws hers up, Kelley finishes hers and wins the point for Bayon. Next up is Wiglesworth and Joe eating deep fried frog. And Kelly gets the point. We're tied again.

Next round is Woo vs Kimmi, and the item is a pig's brain. Kimmi hasn't eaten pork in 30 years and doesn't plan to start now. As it is, Woo takes his down in less than five seconds, so she had no chance on that one at all. So Ta Keo now leads 3-2. The next round features Ciera against Wentworth eating a scorpion. This challenge has been Ciera's nemesis going back to her first season, and it will remain her nemesis as Kelley gets hers down first and ties the score again.


It all comes down to this final round. It's Kass versus Tasha and the final item is balut. Duck embryo - absolutely disgusting. They each have trouble with it, but Kass just cannot get even a tiny bite down. Tasha digs deep and finally gets it all down, while Kass never got any of it down. Bayon wins immunity and Ta Keo gets ready to go to Tribal. On the way out of the challenge, Jeremy reaches up to the table and eats a bite of the left over balut. "I haven't eaten in 16 days, Jeff." As Ta Keo heads back to camp, Kass tells us how much she would love her first vote to be for Spencer. She leaves us with Jeff's infamous words from his Brains vs Beauty v Brawn cast assessment, "Spencer Bledsoe has a 0 percent chance of winning this game."

Naturally, we come back to the losing Ta Keo beach. Woo tells us that the plan is in place to take out Spencer. Savage locks the plan down with everyone else, including that the fake vote is for Ciera. Woo tells us that he is so happy to finally be in a good spot in the game. We join Savage telling Spencer that Ciera has to go. Spencer is very excited to be playing with Savage. He was hoping they'd have a chance to play together. Andrew tells us that he hates doing this to Spencer, but he's not going to let anything ruin his second chance.

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