Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 6: Bunking with the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 3, 2015

Why are we watching still?

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Now is as good a time as any to get into this. Apparently, back in the spring, Danny was diagnosed as having bronchitis. He had really bad shortness of breath, among other symptoms. He started to feel better but that shortness of breath never went away. He went in for tests on his lungs in June, only to find that his lungs were perfect, but he had an enlarged heart. There is a measurement called "ejection fraction." This is a measurement of the percentage of blood that is being pumped by the left ventricle with each contraction. A normal heart has an ejection fraction between 55 and 70. 40 indicates heart failure. Danny's was 8. So, this was not a decision for Terry to make. It was not presented as a decision by his wife or by Probst. It was, "You're outta here and the sooner the better." In his weekly chat with Dalton Ross, Probst said that from the moment the call came in at 1 a.m., there were roughly 40 people working to get Terry home. And for one of those rare moments in Survivor - the game stopped.

We come back from commercials to a Probst sighting! Jeff brings in Angkor first, since they're the only tribe with no changes. Then he calls in Bayon, minus Monica. At this point, both tribes are a little confused as to why Ta Keo isn't there. Then he calls in the Ta Keo bunch. Spencer's jaw drops as only five people walk in. He says, "No Terry." Jeff explains that Terry had to be pulled for a family emergency as one of his kids is sick. He asks Savage about it. Andrew says he'd run to the airport if he had to. The game is big for all of them, but not that big. Wiglesworth suggests she'd jump in the ocean and start swimming if something were wrong with one of her kids.


Jeff asks Joe how it affected their tribe. He says that it took the wind out of their sails for sure, but they're here now to do Terry proud. And Jeff switches to the other tribes to see where their heads are at. Jeremy says that the Baton tribe is a nice little family and Savage talks about how tight the Angkor four are now and they're looking to continue their winning streak. Oh, really? Well, look around you Andrew, because there are only two lanes set up for this reward challenge and neither of them is yellow. "Drop your buffs." Everyone gets a box with a new buff in it and when they reveal, people kinda move all over. Let's break it down:

Current Ta Keo:

Kass (original Bayon) - Stays in Ta Keo
Ciera (original Bayon) - Stays in Ta Keo
Joe (original Bayon) - Goes to Bayon
Keith (original Bayon) - Goes to Bayon
Kelley Wentworth (original Ta Keo) - Goes to Bayon

Current Bayon:

Jeremy (original Bayon) - Stays in Bayon
Stephen (original Bayon) - Stays in Bayon
Kimmi (original Bayon) - Stays in Bayon
Spencer (original Ta Keo) - Goes to Ta Keo
Kelly Wiglesworth (original Ta Keo) - Goes to Ta Keo

Current Angkor:

Tasha (original Bayon) - Goes to Bayon
Andrew (original Bayon) - Goes to Ta Keo
Woo (original Ta Keo) - Goes to Ta Keo
Abi-Mari (original Ta Keo) - Goes to Ta Keo

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