Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 6: Bunking with the Devil

By Jim Van Nest

November 3, 2015

Why are we watching still?

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I put original tribes in parenthesis to show what a completely jumbled up mess this cast has really become. As it is, the three tribes existed longer than the original two tribes. For instance, Tasha and Savage have spent more time with Woo and Abi then their original Bayon tribe mates. It really blurs the line and confuses who can or will be loyal to whom. I mean, just 30 seconds ago, Savage told the whole group that it was amazing how tight the Angkor four had become. Now, three of them move to Ta Keo and join up with Kass and Ciera - who used to be Savage's allies. Interesting. His three new besties kinda outnumber the two old Bayons. So, what's the dynamic on this tribe going to be now? I love the multiple shakeups. Nice job, Jeff!

Anyway, as the tribes get together on their new mats, Jeff asks Kass about staying in Ta Keo. She wastes no time saying she's worried about being on a tribe with Spencer. Spencer says, "Wow, we're already in it. Here we go." He tells us about the animosity between himself and Kass and he has no idea how that's going to work out for him. Jeff then asks Wentworth about being the only original Ta Keo on a tribe full of original Bayons. She's worried a little, but she did make some relationships with some of these folks. Ultimately, though, she just wants to win. Stephen tells us that he likes the way the shakeup went for him, but he still has the big strong guys on his tribe, making him nervous. And let's be honest - it's Joe. Stephen is scared to death of Joe. And he probably should be. There's not a person on this island that wouldn't rather hang out, play the game and ultimately vote for Joe over Stephen.


Oh yeah, we still have a reward challenge to run. So, our two new-look tribes will be competing in an old One World challenge. They'll get all oiled up and slip-n-slide down a course grabbing a ring as they go. They'll then have to get up and toss their ring onto a post. First one to hook the ring wins a point for their tribe. First tribe to score three points wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? After the challenge, the winning tribe will have a picnic lunch brought to their camp. Fried chicken, mac ā€˜nā€™ cheese and brownies are the three items Probst uses to get their attention. It's definitely worth playing for, so let's get to it.

First up is Jeremy vs. Savage. They take off and Jeremy blows Savage off the line and runs to the end and lands his ring just a split second before Andrew. Bayon up 1-0. Next round is Kass vs Stephen. Talk about an exercise in futility. Stephen throws a couple times and never even hits the post. Eventually, Kass lands the ring and ties the score. Next up is Abi vs Kimmi. Abi slides down the course, Kimmi kinda bounces down it. Kimmi throws first and it's on and off, no point. Abi takes her shot and scores for Ta Keo. The hopes of Bayon now rest on Joe's shoulders as he takes on Woo. They show you how this challenge is supposed to go. Both of them slide all the way to the end, grabbing the ring on the way. Both take their shot. Woo misses, Joe hits. Of course he does! And we're tied 2-2. Final matchup pits Wiglesworth against Wentworth. After exchanging misses, Kelly Wiglesworth lands her ring and reward for the Ta Keo tribe. As they head back to camp, Savage tells us how happy he is to have Abi and Woo on his new tribe and that if he can regroup with Kass and Ciera, he won't be going anywhere.

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