Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance - Recap

Episode 2: Survivor MacGyver

By Jim Van Nest

October 2, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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Hello, good people, and thank you for giving me a Second Chance to recap Survivor Cambodia! Last week, 20 people that YOU chose got to come back for a second chance to play the game they love and that has haunted them for (in some cases) years. The Bayon tribe got basically NO screen time in the episode - except for the do-do edit for Stephen Fishbach and the branch. We spent most of our time at Ta Keo, where the tribe was splitting in a way we haven't seen before, Old School vs New School. Not necessarily old school players vs new school players, but old school Survivor mentality vs the new hotness. Old School was Terry, Jeff, Wigglesworth, Vytas and Woo. New School was Spencer, Shirin, Abi-Maria, Wentworth and Peih-Gee. When push came to shove, though, Varner refused to pull rocks at the first Tribal and went against his pre-game alliance and joined the new school "Beach people" in blindsiding creepy yoga-guy, Vytas.

While I agree that the montage of Vytas creeping was pretty damning, I'm not 100% sure he was THAT obnoxious the entire time out there. But in a game of inches, people will take whatever advantage they can get and next thing you know, it's "Bye bye, Vytas." It's always a risky move to clip one of your strong guys first, especially when there's a player like Abi out there who's already making waves. For the sake of this cast, I hope the Vytas vote works out for them, but I worry that all they've done is weakened their tribe while allowing the Abi-bomb to become even more destructive. Either way, with a title like "Survivor MacGyver," I can only assume we're going to have a lot of Amazing Joe this week, so maybe Ta Keo won't be as affected as I fear. There's only one way to find out...let's check out the show!


We begin this week at Ta Keo on Day 4. Wiglesworth is not happy about Varner flipping on her last night. She says that her alliance needs to get playing, because Shirin and Spencer are running the show and are way ahead of them. Meanwhile, Wentworth wants to take a look at her idol. They went straight from challenge to Tribal to bed, so she hasn't even seen it. Could she be hoping for a Tyler Perry idol or something? So she sneaks away to check it out. Nothing special about it, but she is thrilled nonetheless. She tells us that having this second chance, she plans to make the most of it. "Go big or go home," she tells us. I have to say, if you believe in things like this, Kelley Wentworth is most definitely getting an early season "winner's edit." Just sayin'.

We pick up action a little later with Varner and his new school "beach people" alliance discussing who should be next to go. Since this is a new season and all, I'll remind you that this includes Shirin, Spencer and Wentworth. They all agree it should be one of the other three (Terry, Woo, Wiglesworth). Varner tells them all that he hopes his flip to their side shows his loyalty. They all agree it does...and Spencer lays down the numbers. With Abi, they have five of nine in this tribe. That's locked down.

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