Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance - Recap

Episode 2: Survivor MacGyver

By Jim Van Nest

October 2, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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Terry talks about making a connection with Abi on the beach and that it went well and he doesn't feel like he's on the bottom anymore. Back to Spencer. He says that he and Shirin are definitely on the bottom and when asked why, he says that a lot of it is trying to talk too much strategy and not getting to know these people on a personal level. As he says this, Varner is nodding. And then, just like in Cagayan when Spencer was trying to save himself over J'Tia - he gives a stump speech to everyone on the tribe letting them know that if he lives through this vote, he'll work on those relationships and start to get to know everyone. It's actually kinda goofy, but the dude has nothing left up his sleeve. He totally should have borrowed Tony's bag of tricks, because he is sans trick right now. And with that, it's time to vote.

As they vote, I have to say that I'm actually surprised that with two people on the block, there wasn't some talk about splitting the vote. Did Wentworth tell someone she has the idol? With a 7-2 numbers advantage, putting all your votes on one of these two seems awfully risky. Anyway, to the votes - all we see is Shirin's vote for Spencer and Spencer's vote for Shirin. The rest remain anonymous. And Jeff goes to tally the votes. First vote: Spencer. Second vote: Shirin. Third and fourth votes: Shirin. Fifth and Sixth votes: Spencer. Ah...they DID split the vote. Very nice. Another Spencer, another Shirin and we're tied at 4-4 with one vote left.


The second person voted out of Survivor Cambodia - Shirin. Before Jeff gives his weekly pep talk to the tribe, Spencer does thank the tribe for keeping him, saying he meant every word he said. Jeff reminds them that this season is about second chances and changing and if you don't change, history will repeat itself. Head back to camp. Good night.

Next time on Survivor, maybe things are looking up for players like Stephen and Spencer - drop your effing buffs! "We are switching tribes - from two tribes to three tribes." Boom!! This is gonna be huge. Here is where a little luck comes into the game - depending on how the tribes split up, the weak can become strong and the strong can find their torch snuffed at the end of the episode. I'm curious about logistics though...a new tribe means a new camp. That will really suck for the people that get put on the new tribe, to have to start from scratch again? And who gets to keep camp Shangri-La with the hammocks and everything? Love this idea and I can't wait to see how it plays out. Until next week, kiddies, take care!

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