Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance - Recap

Episode 2: Survivor MacGyver

By Jim Van Nest

October 2, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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However... doesn't there always seem to be a "however" in Spencer's plans? However, Varner tells us that while he voted with them at first, his play to clip Vytas was to signal a big heads up to his alliance that they need to get in the game. He has eyes set on Spencer and Shirin and he figures the best way to get them is with a blindside from within. We cut to Jeff talking to Terry. He's telling him that the game is moving fast and they better keep up with it or risk looking like idiots out there. He tells Terry that there are threats in this game and it's time to take them out. "I want to vote out Spencer......or Shirin." He tells Terry he's in with that alliance and wants to go to the end with them. Terry tells us that he left Tribal feeling horrible but with Varner coming to him he's a little lifted. He goes on to confirm his greatest fear, that he was going to have to play a social game. They seal the talk with a hug as Varner starts looking around for a spyshack. #TeamTV!!

We come back from break and finally check in with the Bayon tribe. Joe is telling us about how much fun he's having out there. He says that he likes making things, and that this time, everyone is complaining about sleeping on the bamboo. So, he takes the fishing net and makes a series of hammocks for everyone. So this tribe is now just lying around in their hammocks eating a full bounty of fruits. And Joe is everyone's favorite guy. It really is amazing that these people are playing Survivor at the same time as the other tribe. It's like two different worlds out there. Stephen tells us that it's crazy being out there with Joe. He's "Survivor MacGyver," making hammocks and catching fish. Everyone is remarking at how great he is at island living, and Stephen tells us that he is the perfect guy to help your tribe through until the merge, then you slit his neck.


Back over at Ta Keo, Abi is telling us about getting votes at Tribal. She tells us that she is trying to be very different than last time. She would have blown her top on her previous season, but she's working so hard to be different. Then we cut to a conversation on the beach. It's Wiglesworth, Abi, Spencer and Peih-Gee and Spencer is asking Peih-Gee how they made the smoke stack for their fire on her season in China. As she starts to explain, Abi interrupts her to ask her what's going on. I love the response, "Um, we're building a fire chimney." She has no idea what this is about or what is coming.

Spencer tells us all about Abi and the drama she brings with her. He talks about how scary it is to be counting on this person in the game. As he tells us about how she's this huge strategic weight that he'll have to lug around, we cut to a scene of Abi going over to Woo, Terry and Varner for the sole purpose of interrupting what they're doing. Spencer tells us that she's there to start fights and that it's cancer for a tribe...and even worse for an alliance. I have to say, I agree with this. Why anyone would think it's a good idea to hitch their alliance to Abi-Maria makes no sense to me at all. She's a lit fuse just waiting to explode. And when she blows, she'll probably take your game with her.

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