Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance - Recap

Episode 2: Survivor MacGyver

By Jim Van Nest

October 2, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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Anyway, as they talk, a new alliance forms. Terry tells us that since Jeff lit the fire under his ass, he's trying to step up his social game and he may have just made a huge connection. To finish this portion of the Abi-Maria Show, we get up bright and early and with a sweet sepia camera filter, we see a fun exchange between Abi and Varner. He asks her about her conversation with Terry and then tells her he's thinking about aligning with him. Whoa, she too is thinking about aligning with Terry. He tells her that Terry is such a nice man and that he, Varner, doesn't want Abi to go anywhere. He thinks she's fabulous and her little moments really turn him on.

Of course, she is loving this. The attention was what she craved and the attention is what she is getting. So Hurricane Abi has been downgraded back to a tropical storm. Jeff tells her that he is looking to get rid of Spencer or Shirin and that he has Terry, Wiglesworth and Woo and that gives them five. We head to break as Abi tells us that her former alliance will rue the day they didn't help her when she needed it. And suddenly, this season is taking a downward turn.

And we're back from break to a Probst Sighting! I have to say, I'm loving the wide shots of these massive challenges. They put a ton of time into creating these things, I'm sure. Just huge. Okay, moving on. Bayon gets a look at the new Ta Keo tribe minus Vytas. Shock runs over the Bayon tribe. It's as if life has been so perfect for them, they forgot a cutthroat game for a million bucks was going on around them.


Today's challenge is a race. They'll race across three A-frames carrying coils of rope. Once over the A-frames, they'll use the rope to pull a heavy crate over an up and down course. At the end of the course, two people will open the crate and put together a puzzle from the pieces inside. They'll be playing for immunity and a sweet Survivor tool kit, with all the tools needed to improve their shelter. Oh, by the way, there will also be materials back at camp to use those tools on. Really? Why not just build them huts to start and be done with it?

Anyway, let's get to the challenge. The A-frames get taller as they go, and we hear some awful skin on wood skidding on the way down. Those sounds will definitely leave marks. The teams are neck and neck as they get to the crate. Everything stays pretty even until Ta Keo's crate seems to just get stuck. Meanwhile, Bayon's crate smoothly gets to the end. Kass and Kimmi are working the puzzle for Bayon. Finally, Ta Keo gets there and Wentworth and Peih-Gee take the puzzle for Ta Keo. Spencer tags in for Ta Keo and they start making progress on their puzzle. Joe takes over for Kimmi and Jeremy comes in for Kass. Shirin replaces Peih-Gee and both puzzles start to take shape.

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