Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance - Recap

Episode 2: Survivor MacGyver

By Jim Van Nest

October 2, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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Just what I needed. After the obnoxious exchange, a sweet shot of the cutest little baby monkey. He was in Episode 1 as well, and he is now my favorite character on the show. Less Abi-Maria, more baby monkey! So Shirin tells Spencer that they're pretty well screwed, and Spencer tells us that his plan is to now do what he can to make it three more days. So, they go to Woo, who is giving us an amazing Alec Christy face (don't know what I mean, search Alec Christy Tribal Council).

Shirin takes the lead on this conversation, which makes no sense considering Spencer and Woo's 37-38 day history together on Cagayan. But anyway, she's trying to sway him to vote with them. He tells us and them that they haven't talked to him at all on this island and now they're coming to him looking for a vote? Woo's response, "Absolutely not." And why the hell would he? He's part of the core of the old school alliance. What good could possibly be served in him flipping right now? At this point, they need to stop trying to save their duo and start trying to save themselves.

Spencer tells us that he came out here again to have a different experience than last time and yet, it feels exactly the same. All of his plans shatter and he's left on the bottom fighting for his life. For the first time in two seasons, we see a crack in the Young Lad as he breaks down a little talking about how he finally has someone he can play with and he's going to have to vote her out.


Tribal Council starts with Jeff asking Varner about the vibe of the tribe. He says they're all pretty well exhausted. It was a tough challenge and everyone is feeling it. Spencer agrees and suggests that they all suffer from some sort of amnesia about this game where they forget about how hard it is. He moves to Shirin talking about how everyone remembers the game as awesome, but when they come back...not so much. She tells him that she doesn't remember the game as awesome. Shirin had a rough time on her season, and she's starting to have one this time. She says there was some fighting and people lost faith in her and now she's on the bottom.

Wentworth confirms that there was an issue between Peih-Gee and Abi, and that's what Shirin is talking about. So now it's time for Abi to explain it. Yadda, yadda, I'm a victim and Terry saved me, yadda, yadda. Jeff points out that this sounds a lot like last season when Mike came and rescued Shirin. Yeah, Jeff - Abi getting called out on her bullshit by Peih-Gee is JUST like Shirin being told that no one loves her and she has no soul. It's practically the same thing. To her credit, Shirin simply acknowledges that she should have gone and talked to Abi and that the game changes very quickly.

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