Survivor Cambodia - Second Chance - Recap

Episode 2: Survivor MacGyver

By Jim Van Nest

October 2, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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We switch to Varner talking about Abi now, but he is WAY more entertained than Spencer. He says she's like a soap opera and there are little buttons you can push to get different reactions. As he's telling us this, she's butting into a conversation between Woo and Terry, asking what they're talking about. Terry, "Shit goes on that you don't have to hear, young lady." Varner considers her the perfect tool to help him win a million dollars. He is just very excited to be playing with her. And maybe from the right angle I can see that. For me, she is just too much for my television. If she were next to go, I'd still think it wasn't soon enough.

We jump back over to Bayon and I have to say, I'm a bit surprised to see that Joe hasn't made a sweet radio just like the Professor's. Alas, no such radio. We do, however, get a story from Andrew about meting his wife. And as he talks about her, he gets all choked up. It's actually quite touching and everyone is feeling it. Again, the difference between the two tribes is stunning. Jeremy feels it. Kimmi is swooning over the story. Even Kass is moved. She tells us that the people on her last season were horrible and that these people are just good people. She says that this was one of her failings the first time. The assumption that everyone was compartmentalizing this and treating it like a poker game. When they didn't, she wasn't able to correct. This time around, she's hoping to personalize it a little more.


As Kass talks, we watch Jeremy walk off from the shelter. He's obviously upset. He tells us that Val's pregnant at home and he just wants to be there to see it. He says he's not telling anybody, though. They already see him as a physical threat...he doesn't want the thought of "oh, his wife's having a baby, I can't take him to the end" to pop up in anyone's mind. Back under the shelter, someone asks where Jeremy is. Stephen then asks if they should be worried he's looking for an idol. I should note here that this was EXACTLY the same thing Kimmi said about Stephen last week.

Anyway, Savage doesn't like this at all. He lets us know that Fishbach only thinks about the game and the idol and that he has no emotion. Oddly enough, he didn't make the same comments toward Kimmi. Savage goes down to the beach to see how Jeremy is. Jeremy tells him that he just had a little cry, that he's homesick and all. Andrew lets him know that Stephen was asking about the idol. He then goes on to tell us that Stephen is missing some core things that mean so much to him and his tribe. "Morals, values, loyalty, dignity, courage." Really? Really, Andrew? So I suppose Kimmi is missing those things too? Since she suggested the same thing?

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