Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 1: Second Chance

By Jim Van Nest

September 23, 2015

Future Survivors take note: Creepy does not work as a strategy.

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Hello, good people, and Happy Survivor Day! It's like Christmas in September, isn't it? Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance is ready to begin! Hopefully you've checked in with my season previews, so we can get right to the game. Twenty people America voted back onto Survivor are waiting to begin their second adventure of a lifetime. Every single one of them made mistakes along the way and lost the game. Tonight will begin the journey to ultimate redemption. Who has what it takes to tame their demons of the past and work their way to the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor?

The show opens with Jeff's voiceover talking about how tough the game of Survivor is, with scenes of injury, sweat and tears. We focus on Woo and whether or not he made a million dollar mistake (he did). Flash into the beautiful scenery of Cambodia and we see all 20 players on the same truck headed into the jungle. We talk to Kelly Wiglesworth first, and she tells us that she lost by one vote. It's been bugging her for 15 years.

As the truck heads through a little market, we meet Andrew Savage. He tells us about his perfect life, except for Pearl Islands. He's been haunted by his exit and the Outcast Tribe for 12 years. Spencer tells us about how cocky he was last time around and that he's learned that he really needs to connect with people on a personal level.

The cast arrives at the Ankor Wat Temple as Kimmi tells us that getting to the end of this game has been a dream of hers and 14 years is a long time to wait to finish that chapter. Kelley Wentworth tells us that her dad was her downfall the first time around and that she's ready to come back and play the great game she knows she has. Ciera tells us that she's planning a different game this time...sorta. She says that for the first half of her season, she hardly played at all and then finished up strong. She wants to start off playing that strong game and see if it can take her to the end.


Next up is my hometown girl, Tasha Fox. She says that last time around, she was Nice Tasha. She says she was worried about her family and church members not liking the way she played the game. When she got home, her church people told her she needed to lie and backstab this time, she's gonna do what it takes and then pray for forgiveness.

Jeff Varner replays his jump out of a challenge for peanut butter back in Australia. He's grown up a lot and has had to replay that moment over in his head for 14 years. He is coming this time to play and to win. And he isn't jumping off a pole for nothing.

As the castaways climb into four different boats, last season's heart throb, Amazing Joe Anglim speaks. (I added the Amazing.) Joe says a big disappointment of his was not lasting to the family visit so his dad could come to the island. He feels he's in a better spot to win this game this time. Chaos Kass McQuillen tells us that the big thing for her is that she needs to change people's perception of her. She likes the chaos, and once she hits the merge, all hell's gonna break loose.

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