Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 1: Second Chance

By Jim Van Nest

September 23, 2015

Future Survivors take note: Creepy does not work as a strategy.

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Back at camp, Joe finally gets the fire started. And one Andrew Savage is very impressed. They had a rough go of the fire in Pearl Islands, so to see someone make fire with bamboo and coconut husks is pretty impressive to him. For Amazing Joe, it's just another day on Survivor. Anyway, Andrew definitely sees this as a sign of great things to come.

The next morning over at Ta Keo, Vytas and Wiglesworth are meditating to start the day. Varner tells us that the game is so fast, he can't keep up. He's in the water with Peih-Gee and they discuss how there seems to be two groups. There are the shelter people - the old-school people - and the new school beach people. They feel like they don't really fit in with either group. They discuss that either Vytas or Abi is how it's looking for the first vote.

We come back from break to the Ta Keo tribe and Kelley Wentworth is telling us that she needs to take more risks. She decides that she's going to head out to find an idol. She is in the jungle getting fronds and coconuts, but she's really looking for the idol. After a lengthy search, she finally finds something, shoves it in her pants and heads back to camp. She has an idol and is totally pumped.


Kelley finally opens the package, and it's only a clue to the idol. The clue isn't really a clue so much as a map of exactly where the idol is hidden. But this time, it's hidden at the immunity challenge. So, she knows exactly where it is, but will essentially have to grab it in front of her entire tribe (and the other tribe for that matter). I LOVE this twist. This is going to force people to actually earn their idols, not just find them all willy-nilly in the jungle. Will she have the guts to go for it? Will she have the opportunity? Will she sacrifice the challenge in order to get it? I love all the questions and potential problems this one little tweak can make.

Back over at Bayon on Day 3, tree mail has arrived with the tribe flag. The note tells them that they will be doing the first challenge that was ever run on Survivor. Kimmi is so excited to be back and getting things like Tree Mail is such a rush for her. Andrew addresses the group and tells them that they are a family. They're all going to get gassed at some point, and it's everyone's job to pick their tribemates up. He sees great things for this tribe. Almost as great as what Keith's seeing, which is Joe leading a bunch of people in some yoga class. He tells us that he doesn't do any of that nonsense; he just gets up and goes to work like the rest of 'Merica. Tasha tells us that they all did some #joega. She says she was trying to focus, but all she could see was Joe's body and she was losing focus. As we cut away, Kimmi seems to be enjoying the view of Joe's body as well.

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