Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 1: Second Chance

By Jim Van Nest

September 23, 2015

Future Survivors take note: Creepy does not work as a strategy.

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Next, we hear from Abi-Maria, who tells us about all the mistakes she made last time around. Basically, all her mistakes revolve around being a complete bi...not nice person for the duration of her season. She seems to think she can quell that this time around. I don't think it's possible. Jeremy tells us that he had focus issues last time around as he was thinking too much about his wife. He had a rough go of it sending her to Exile Island on the very first day and was never able to recover. He says even though she's not there this time, she is the motivation for him to win the million bucks and he plans on making that happen. As Jeremy finishes up, the boats finally meet up with a...

Probst sighting!!! Jeff gives a very stirring speech about the fan vote. We have some small talk between Jeff and a handful of players. They are feeling extra pressure this time around to not let their families down or all the people that voted for them. They've all been waiting for their second chance and it's going to start right now. First off, everyone gets buffs. It should be noted that as he calls out the Ta Keo tribe, Wiglesworth and Dietz get the last name treatment. When he calls out the Bayon tribe, Fishbach and Savage get the last name treatment. He then tells them that on the boat he's standing on are supplies that they will need for their camp. But there's a twist, 100 yards away is another boat with a huge bag of rice. The tribes will need to decide when they have enough gear and the first one to the rice gets it. Survivors ready...


And the game is afoot. It's really hard to gauge what's going on here, it's just mayhem. What I can tell is that the tribe rafts are filling up with gear and food (including chickens - oh dear, Kimmi.) Both tribes actually get ready to take off at the same time. Ta Keo is in the lead by a little but actually, Kelly Wiglesworth is actually in the lead. She's swimming ahead of the raft. Bayon is having a little trouble and Joe says, "Just get me close." And they do and Joe takes off. He's gaining on Kelly and looks like he'll easily overtake her. But Woo jumps off his Ta Keo raft and blows past Wiglesworth and Joe and claims the big bag of rice for Ta Keo. And with that, 39 days, 20 people, one Survivor. Cue the full credits.

We come back from break with Ta Keo as they hit the beach. Woo is super stoked to be there, just like when he got his first black belt. Um, how many does he have? Anyway, he says that he doesn’t want to let down the people that voted for him, so he's out to win it. There’s lots of unloading and hugging as everyone "meets" each other. It’s almost as if they haven't been talking strategy and alliances for the last few weeks!

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