Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 1: Second Chance

By Jim Van Nest

September 23, 2015

Future Survivors take note: Creepy does not work as a strategy.

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So we get to Tribal and everyone dips their torch in to get fire. Jeff starts with Spencer and asks him what Second Chance means. He says that if you go home tonight, you're letting down a whole lot of people who wanted to see you get that second chance. Woo says that you can see two styles of game play at work now. There’s the old school style of getting camp ready and new school of strategizing.

Terry agrees and says that he was blown away at how fast it happened. Peih-Gee says this is all about learning from mistakes from the last time. Abi says this is about growth for her and that there were chances for her to be a firecracker, but she didn't. Vytas says there is some pressure to beat Terry, since Aras also beat Terry so long ago. Varner says that he feel pretty confident that people know what they're doing tonight, even though they didn't have time to go back to camp. Vytas agrees.

Woo has no idea who he's voting tonight. Abi seems to think that means there’s an all-male voting bloc, something Vytas is quick to shoot down. She says it would be heartbreaking if she were to go home tonight. She also seems sure Woo is voting for her tonight. Wiglesworth is picking up on cues from the group and thinks she knows where the vote is going. Varner talks a little more about playing really hard and being balls to the wall and all this. Ultimately, it's between Abi and Vytas tonight...let's see how it plays out. It is...time to vote.


The first vote we see is Woo's vote for Abi. The next vote we see is Abi's vote for Vytas. We also see Vytas' vote for Abi. The final vote we see is Wentworth's for Vytas. All right, it's 2-2 as far as we know. Jeff's gonna go tally the votes. First vote: Vytas. Second vote: Abi-Maria. Vytas, Abi, Vytas, Abi, Vytas, Abi. We're tied 4-4. Ninth vote: Vytas. Tenth vote and the first person voted out of Survivor Second Chance: Vytas. And, deservedly so. While I'd have rather seen Abi go, Vytas was really bringing the creepy this time around, and who in their right mind could trust any of that nonsense? Jeff tells the tribe flint will be waiting for them back at camp and he sends them back.

Next time on Survivor: Abi's good streak lasts exactly one episode. Varner looks to be ready to make some moves. He doesn't like anyone and is ready to start getting rid of some people. For what it's worth, the Vytas votes tonight came from Varner, Spencer, Shirin, Wentworth, Abi and Peih-Gee. That left Vytas, Terry, Wiglesworth and Woo voting for Abi. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the tribe responds to the vote tonight, since they were not able to line things up. Will that tribal split remain, or will they have time to regroup and make a plan moving forward? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, kids...thanks for hanging out with me tonight and until next week, Take care!

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