Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 1: Second Chance

By Jim Van Nest

September 23, 2015

Future Survivors take note: Creepy does not work as a strategy.

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Shirin tells us that Vytas comes off as "smarmy." And she is dead on. He's actually creeping me out. Anyway, let's join Shirin as she does her Shirin thing. She's talking a mile a minute to Varner and Spencer about everything that's going on. She actually has some really good information but she is talking so fast that no one could actually keep up with her. Varner tells us that he is blown away by how fast she's going and that right now, he'll just get on the train and see where it takes him. He tells us that when he played the first time, the first few days was all about shelter, fire, water and food and figuring out how to survive. The game didn't start getting played until all of that was done. Now, the game is on immediately and it's something he's going to have to get used to.

I have an announcement. Our long Survivor nightmare is over - Abi has found her bracelet. Somehow it ended up in Peih Gee's bag. Or at least, in a bag that has a tag with Peih-Gee's name on it. She is just blown away at how that could happen, but she's gonna give Peih-Gee the benefit of the doubt and just keep it to herself - except for all the other people in the tribe that she'll tell. And with each one, Abi again reiterates that she's giving her the benefit of the doubt. So what Abi's really saying is, "Look, see how I'm not getting pissed off and losing my mind right now? I really have changed." In actuality, she has learned nothing. She has not even remotely changed, and it's only a matter of time before the same hateful person that terrorized the Philippines shows up to do the same in Cambodia. Please, if the Survivor Gods care about me at all, please let her go home tonight. Finally, Peih-Gee talks to Abi about it and says that she inadvertently grabbed a bag she thought was empty, but it must have been Abi's. Thankfully, though, Abi is going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Ugh - kill me now.


Sweet merciful Probst, they now switch us over to Bayon where Joe is being, well, Amazing again. He's working on starting a fire. Kass comes over to the fire makers and offers her glasses. They don't really need them, but she's gotten herself into the conversation. She tells us that it's really sinking in that this is a second chance and probably the last chance. Everyone out there is trying to change things up. She doesn't have any plans like that. She just wants to win.

As they work on the fire, talk turns to Stephen and where he went. Kimmi tells everyone that he's looking for an idol. Cue the do do music again....poor Stephen. Anyway, he is looking for an idol but he's not having any luck at all. He tells us that he needs something to help him in the game but he really hopes he doesn't get branded as someone who's looking for an idol. Well, Stephen...too late.

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