Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 1: Second Chance

By Jim Van Nest

September 23, 2015

Future Survivors take note: Creepy does not work as a strategy.

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Right away a small group of workers emerges. Wiglesworth tells us that she, Terry, Spencer and Woo are doing the bulk of the work. Terry tells us that his social game has been haunting him since he last played, so he's planning to work on that. So let's see his first conversation. It’s between Terry and the Young Lad himself. Terry and Spencer carve out the first alliance, mainly based on Terry's kids telling him that he needs to hook up with Spencer. Spencer thanks them for that and tells us that he plans on having many conversations this time around in an attempt to make the connections he wasn't able to make last time.

Almost on cue, Abi-Maria seems to have lost her bag and inside it is a magic bracelet or something. I say it's magic because it has made everything on the island come to a halt while we look for it. She tells us that she's all about controlling her temper this time around but you can already see it starting to happen as she looks for this phantom bracelet and bag. Seriously, she can't go home soon enough for me.

Over at Bayon. Ciera tells us how peaceful her camp is right now and how well everyone is working. We join Kass and Tasha reminiscing about weaving palm fronds in Cagayan as they begin the same task here. Keith tells us that he didn't know how to play last time and he still ended up fourth. He says that he doesn't feel the need to totally change his game, just make a few tweaks. As he tells us this, we see Jeremy, Joe and Keith making the shelter. Jeremy takes Keith aside to make sure that everything is cool between them from their previous season. Keith says that it is, and an alliance is born. Jeremy then pulls in Tasha and Savage.


His #1 target, though, is Joe. He wants Joe on his side. I'd never really noticed before that Joe is absolutely huge. I didn't notice it last season, but Jeremy is a big guy and Joe towers over him. So what they've done here is set up an alpha alliance. It's really about the only thing that will be able to keep Joe in the game. Joe tells us that he's pretty excited about the setup they have going right now.

And then there's Stephen. He tells us he's in a bad spot. Cue the do-do music as we get several shots of Stephen fighting a losing battle with some wood. The construction thing isn't really his game. Weaving the palm fronds isn't really his game either. Ultimately, he's in trouble. He's contributing nothing to the tribe right now, and he's already on the radar of the alphas. For his sake, he needs to find some way to fit in with these folks and fast - or his dream of outlasting Cesternino's All-Stars finish is in serious jeopardy.

We come back from break to the Ta Keo tribe as they continue to set up camp. Vytas is making the rounds as he tells us about how he lived through being the only man on an all-female tribe last time around. He's worried about being seen as a manipulator, so he's out there trying to make friends with everyone. Well, only the ladies.

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