Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 13

My Word is My Bond

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Sherpa

May 18, 2015

Ben Willoughby sure is going to miss that hat.

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They show us NONE of the votes. As Jeff goes to tally the votes, Dan speaks up about his advantage. And in case we didn't get it the first time, he gives us the go down swinging speech again. Jeff announces to everyone that Dan's advantage is an extra vote. This vote will count the same as the others, so there will be seven votes tonight. As Jeff explains this, you can see the wheels turning in Mama C's head. As he goes up to vote, she starts to shake her head with a look that says, "I should have known."

Jeff tallies the votes and comes back to ask about an idol. "I'm not taking any chances, Jeff. I'm not going home tonight." And Carolyn reaches in her bag and pulls out the White Collar idol. Everyone still in the game just looks on in shock. She gives Jeff the idol and comes back to high five Mike. On the jury, I'm pretty sure Shirin may have peed herself. This is EVERYthing she hoped for in getting to play this game and she's loving it. Hell, even Jenn cracks a smile. So, Jeff reads the votes.

First vote: Carolyn. This elicits applause from Mike. Second, third and fourth votes: Carolyn. This elicits as "WOO!" from Carolyn. The fifth vote is also for Carolyn. All that's left are Mike and Carolyn's votes. Hmmm, who could it be? The next vote is for Dan. And the 13th player voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart is, FINALLY, Dan. I'm pretty sure I could hear the cheers of almost 10 million people as Dan's torch is snuffed. The best part of this boot was watching the realization come over Dan's face as he realized that there was nowhere to run. And with that, one of the least likable people in the history of the show was sent packing. What was it he said a couple episodes ago, "Smell ya later"? Yeah, that.


Aside from the fact that Dan has proven, over the course of this season, to not be that great of a guy; he was also not even a remotely good Survivor player. Again, Jeff's mantra from that old challenge, "Dan is...wrong," pretty well sums up his entire game of Survivor. As soon as he made his mind up about something, he was wrong. And his decline began over letters from home. So Mike tried to double cross you, dude. Get your head into the game and realize that you're playing for a million dollars and not some letters from home. If it's THAT important to you, don't go out there.

Either way, the horrible game play continued all the way up into the Tribal Council tonight. Forget for a second that Mama C felt pretty comfortable going into Tribal. Forget for a second that she had no plans to play her idol...until you gave her a reason to. (I mean, seriously, dude...who in the hell else would you have been voting for?) Forget all that. Playing the advantage tonight couldn't help you. It was a 4-2 vote. What if it was flipped? Then your extra vote makes it a 4-3 vote and you still lose. Carolyn had the votes to go home. Adding one on top was a complete waste of an extra vote.

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