Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 13

My Word is My Bond

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Sherpa

May 18, 2015

Ben Willoughby sure is going to miss that hat.

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On the couch, we're screaming to play the idol, right? But out there, she's already final six. If she makes it through this vote to the five...her idol guarantees her final four and she's gotten as far as she can with the idol. That's a HUGE carrot to have dangling out there when it comes to tonight's Tribal. So, I guess the question is: will Carolyn roll the dice and take her chances? Or will she guarantee her spot in the final five?

So, we get to Tribal and Jeff brings in the jury. Shirin can hardly contain herself when she sees Mike with the necklace on. Even Tyler cracks a smile upon seeing that the five will have to sacrifice another member. Once everyone gets seated, Jeff starts with Mike. He asks Mike about the feeling at camp after he won immunity. Does the group still seem as trusting? Mike says that there may be a couple of them wondering about it, but as long as they have a common enemy, they seem to be sticking together. But one of the five is going home, so there was some scrambling going on at camp.

Jeff asks Rodney about where trust is with him. He actually can't answer the question. He's having a hard time putting together a sentence. Jeff asks him if this is about fatigue. He goes on about having limited food and fatigue and how he's having a hard time concentrating and putting thoughts together. So, he asks Jeff what the question was again. Jeff asks him if he trusts in the relationships he made. He says he's just tired of being around the same people 24/7. He says that he doesn't know who might be turning on him, but you have to trust the people you've made alliances with.


Probst asks Carolyn about who to trust, or if you can't trust anybody. She says that you want to trust your people, but it's not that easy. She knows her head is on the block tonight. People will tell you what you want to hear because they're trying to save themselves. She is VERY nervous tonight.

Jeff asks Dan if Carolyn has a reason to be worried. Mike has immunity and she's shown herself to be an immunity threat as well. He says that Carolyn has proven herself to be very good, but she's not the only one with her head on the chopping block tonight. He knows his name has been thrown out there as well. There's some talk about Dan's advantage. Will finally speaks but doesn't say too much. Rodney suggests having the advantage is like a strong-arm tactic. It can be used to keep people in line. Sierra also speaks at Tribal. Just wanted to throw that in there. Dan then says that tonight might be a great time to use his advantage, but next Tribal might be even better. At this Mike rolls his eyes, and Jeff announces that it's time to vote.

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