Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 13

My Word is My Bond

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Sherpa

May 18, 2015

Ben Willoughby sure is going to miss that hat.

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In the midst of all this, we get several shots of Rodney throwing his hook dead into the ground. Seriously, has this guy been a factor in ANY challenge? No wonder he can't win a reward. For a big strong guy, he's amazingly inept. W While Rodney struggles; Sierra gets her third ball, and then even Will gets his third ball. Mike and Dan have had the most time to work on the maze, but they keep dropping their balls through the holes and start again. Mike now has his ball in the final circle, but can't seem to land his ball in the hole. Sierra has now made up ground and has gotten her ball into the inner circle. After shots of both balls all around the final hole, Mike wins immunity!! As we head to break, Mike revels in his immunity win and tells us that he's too excited to watch one of the five go home tonight.

We get back to camp for the lackluster congratulations to Mike. Dan tells us that Mike is unbeatable. He's thoroughly frustrated. They knew they would have to turn on each other and he feels that Carolyn needs to be the one to go. He talks to Will, Rodney and Sierra and they all agree that Carolyn is the vote. Sierra tells us that the plan is Carolyn but Dan's advantage makes him a huge threat and they've always gotten rid of the huge threats.

During this exchange, a very subtle comment is made by Sierra and I feel it should be mentioned. She's been pretty invisible this season. I mean, we really could call her Purple Sierra. That being said, she's not an idiot and she HAS been playing the game. And right here is a very under the radar comment/move that shows she's a player. As Dan is confirming the votes for Carolyn, she looks at him and says, "We're saying if they get wind of it." I'll explain in a minute.


As Mike comes back into camp and Dan leaves, Rodney asks Mike who he's thinking about. They agree that it's Dan. Carolyn says that Dan is the biggest threat with his advantage and everyone "agrees" that it's Dan. Mike tells us that if they're so hot to get rid of Dan, maybe Dan should stay and he should target one of them. So he goes and seeks out Dan. He tells him that the alliance is gunning for him. He tells Dan that he can just sit and watch it happen. Or, they can do something together and save Dan.

Dan, of course, doesn't trust him. Because Mike is evil. Mike is crazy. Mike never knows. Dan tells us that he is insulted by the gall of Mike to come up and act as though he's the savior that can carry Dan to the next round. He says that he has his advantage and he might have to use it. He'd rather go down swinging that watch strike three go by. Now, let's go back to Sierra. It seemed superfluous at the time, but her comment is HUGE right now. Everyone agreed that Mike and Carolyn would be told it's Dan.

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