Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 13

My Word is My Bond

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Sherpa

May 18, 2015

Ben Willoughby sure is going to miss that hat.

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In the foreground, Dan finally gets the fire lit, celebrates and then tells Mike that sometimes other people want a shot. As Dan high fives Carolyn over his fire triumph, she voices over that she doesn't trust Dan at all and that his advantage makes him the next biggest threat after Mike. She plans to keep in good with Mike just in case things go awry with the alliance. That way she'll have another option. FINALLY, someone in this alliance that's using their head for something other than whining and crying. That's EXACTLY what you have to do.

So that same night, Carolyn and Mike are down on the beach and they agree that Dan has to be the one to go next. Then she drops the bomb by telling Mike that Dan's advantage is an extra vote. Mike tells us that he loves him some Carolyn and he really hopes they can work together to get to the end. As they continue to discuss how huge the extra vote is in a six-person game, Carolyn tells us how she has things working on both sides. She adds, though, that if Mike doesn't win immunity, he has to go. And, as much as I'm a Mike fanboy, she's absolutely right.

I really do like the idea of the only two people worthy of winning the game working together, so I hope this late-game alliance pans out. Carolyn and/or Mike (or ever better - both) making the finale is absolutely necessary for this season to have a satisfying conclusion.


We come back from break to a Probst Sighting!! And who doesn't love that? Today's challenge is another obstacle course followed by a puzzle. Today's puzzle is a word puzzle. The reward today is a helicopter tour of the island followed by a surf and turf lunch with wine. Hey Rodney, how does it feel to STILL not have a reward? (Gotta love it when Jeff twists that knife.) He's seeing stars and he's tired of being on the same beach all the time. He suggests that maybe someone will let him go on reward. Naturally, this gets Jeff's attention a little more. So Jeff asks him if it's a sense of entitlement. Since he hasn't gone on reward, does he feel like they owe it to him?

The Whambulance starts back up about his birthday and someone promising to give him their reward. Jeff's response is to say to Mike, "Another big element that seems to be missing in this; the reason it's called a reward is you EARNED it. And it gives you an advantage." Mike says it's hard to see Rodney struggling, but the only thing he can say is, "Win." THANK YOU! If he wants to go so bad, stop being a challenge liability and win a damn challenge. Oh yeah, this reward will be two teams of three. The first team to solve their puzzle (the answer of which is, "A reward with all the fixin's" - that might be important in a minute) wins reward.

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