Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 13

My Word is My Bond

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Sherpa

May 18, 2015

Ben Willoughby sure is going to miss that hat.

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Attention CBS: for the most part, we liked the extra vote twist. Please don't look at how horribly your latest twist ended up playing out. It's not the twist's fault. It just landed in the lap of one of the more inept players to ever step foot on Survivor beach. Give it another try with better players and I bet it pays the dividends you were hoping for this season. Okay, enough about Dan. He's already wasted enough of our pixels. Let's get to the finale.

Next time on Survivor: Carolyn gets cornered about her idol. But she doesn't back down, just points out that they all voted for her. It all comes down to this. We hear Mike say, "That's a million dollar mistake." Next Wednesday IS the two-hour finale episode followed by the Live Reunion. Included in that reunion will be the reveal of the Season 31 Second Chance cast.


A quick note on that. I LOVE the idea of letting the audience vote on returning players for the next season. However, this second chance thing has TOTALLY overshadowed Season 30. I can't imagine that's what they had in mind, but that's what is happening. Further, by revealing the cast AT the reunion, you're taking away at least 10-15 minutes of THIS cast's swan song. We're already gonna have to waste a crap-ton on time on Will and Dan vs Shirin. Now you're going to take more time away from this cast? Hell, may as well have the pre-jury sit in the audience! That's right, I said it!

At any rate, keep your eyes peeled for the BOP Second Chance Ballot reveal - where you can see the ballots that the BOP Survivor columnists have cast. Look for Ben's final Power Rankings and then tune in for my two-part recap of the Survivor Worlds Apart finale. As always, you can find me on the Tweet Box: @vannestjc. Have something to say? Think I was too hard on Dan? Think I was not hard enough? ARE you Dan and you want to try to explain yourself with the same nonsense I've heard on all the exit interviews? Again @vannestjc, hit me up!! 'Til next week, take care everybody!

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