Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 5 Recap

We're Finally Playing Some Survivor

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 23, 2015

Worst. Mastermind. Ever.

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And with that, it's time to vote. The only vote we see is Shirin's vote for Will saying they need to win challenges and need more space in the bed. Really? Did she go there with the fat guy joke? We hear Jenn's comment, but don't see her vote. "Please. Stop. Talking." Jeff will tally the votes. He asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol and Max says, "Hey Jeff, hold up, bro... I just always wanted to say that." The look of frustration on Jeff's face says it all. If he was wondering why Max might be a target of this vote, he need not wonder any longer.

He goes on to read the votes. First vote: Will. Will. And then a flurry of Max votes, and Max is the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Shirin is in absolute shock. Carolyn couldn't be happier. As two people who live and breathe Survivor, Max and Shirin completely forgot about Survivor Rule #2. You have to settle up your own alliance before you start branching out. The last season these people saw before leaving to film was Cagayan. That season, the swap left three Brains, three Beauties and one person from Brawn - an almost identical situation. The Brains went so hard pursuing Sarah that they completely ignored Kass and Kass blew shit up. Sarah went home and Kass became a thorn in everyone's side for the rest of the game. This is the exact same circumstance. and Shirin and Max learned nothing from the most recent of seasons. They ignored Carolyn in pursuit of Kelly, to the point that Carolyn just took the power right out of Kelly's hands. We are smart, but we are not so smart.


Next time on Survivor: Rodney and Joaquin start to have a little bromance of their own... and the rest of the Blue Collars don't like it. Dan and Mike both suggest "he" has to go. They don't say which one, but you have to think Joaquin's in trouble.

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