Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 5 Recap

We're Finally Playing Some Survivor

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 23, 2015

Worst. Mastermind. Ever.

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Oooh, lucky for me, I don't have to because we cut to Dan taking Sierra on a walk for his well-rehearsed, well thought-out apology. Sierra tells Dan that after the vote, for them to blast her right after was picking the wrong time. Dan totally agrees with her on this and owns it. Nice, starting out well. Then, "But what hurt me was you attacked me." Mayday, mayday - we're going down in flames here. A little help! And Sierra actually gives him a little help by trying once again to suggest that it was just a really bad time for Dan to go off like that. Now, the wise, happily married man should recognize this as his queue to say, "Ya know what? You're right. It was the wrong time and I'm really sorry for that." The guy that's getting ready to lose a million dollars completely missed the sign and only digs in his heels and tries to convince Sierra that she's just as much of an asshole as he is. Yeah, great apology. Good to see that all those conversations with women, over the years, have paid off. *Eye roll*

Sierra tells us it's the crappiest apology she's ever gotten and that she has two alliances coming after her. Right now, she doesn't see how she could possibly stick with the Blue Collars. Of course, given the ridiculousness of the tribe swap, I don't think she'll have to make any kind of alliance decision for a while.


For the fourth time tonight, we have a Probst sighting!! Today's immunity challenge is another pretty large obstacle course with a carnival game at the end. Two people from each tribe will pull a sled with two baskets on it. In each basket will be a big clay pot full of, I don't know, corn pops, I think. Anyway, they'll have to pull this sled through this obstacle course, under some bamboo and through some thick mud. Once at the end, they'll put the pots in some pre-set stands. As soon as all eight pots are in their stands, one person will take a wrecking ball and essentially Skittle Bowl the pots down. First tribe to break all eight pots wins immunity and will be safe from the vote tonight.

I could recap the entire challenge and do my best to make this challenge intriguing, but wasn't interesting. It wasn't close. It wasn't even a competition. You just can't put Jenn and Hali up against Joaquin and Tyler in a straight up physical strength challenge. Then it's Rodney and Joe for Blue and Carolyn and Kelly for Red. I mean, c'mon. The red tribe was never in this. Blue easily gets all their pots set up and Dan knocks them all down before Red even gets their pots all set up. And the Blue tribe wins immunity! As we head to break, Max tells us that the hardest part of the challenge was not smiling too big. He can't wait to go to Tribal and change the dynamic of the game. Be careful what you wish for, big boy.

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