Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 5 Recap

We're Finally Playing Some Survivor

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 23, 2015

Worst. Mastermind. Ever.

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We come back from break to check in on the Red tribe (that's right, screw the names!). Hali breaks down the split and notices Kelly as a potential swing. She does say she plans to sit back and watch a little rather than making a hard press on her. Shirin tells us the same thing, but she chooses to go after Kelly hardcore. Kelly tells us she's an undercover cop and she realizes that she can't sit back and wait. She needs to get out there and start making relationships.

Shirin basically offers her a deal and, noting the first rule of Survivor...Shirin asked Kelly if she was a God and Kelly says, "Yes." Shirin is stoked and tells us all about how she just threw out the bait and reeled Kelly in to her alliance. Yeah, I'm not so sure about that. You can't just assume that after one conversation, five minutes after hitting the beach, you're golden.

Now it's time to check in with Blue. The white collars are blown away by how nice this camp is. Mike is loving the new breakdown of his tribe. He has a 4-2-1 advantage with the numbers. But he's really concerned with how Rodney and Dan ripped into Sierra the previous night and he's concerned that she'll become a swing vote here and could tip the balance in favor of Joaquin, Tyler and Joe. So his plan is to try to pull her back in with the Blue Collars to keep their number advantage strong.


As part of the get-to-know-yous, Rodney tells the story of his sister again. Joaquin seems to really like Rodney. And that's not a surprise, they're pretty much the same guy, just with different jobs. His plan is to get to know Rod tonight and start to decide how he wants to play this. At this point, Mike heads off to get water and Dan and Rodney go with him. Knowing that Sierra is a wild card at this point, this trio of chucklenuts actually left her alone with the three new people in camp. It takes like three seconds before Sierra spills everything about what's been going on over there. She tells them how bummed she was to see she's still got these three on her tribe. She's very happy to have the new blood, though, and practically throws herself at them in an attempt to align.

Tyler loves this turn of events. He sees her as broken and he wants all of the broken people to come to him. Mike sees them talking and is instantly concerned. He tells us that he really needs her as a number right now and that if you don't have numbers in this game, you go home. It's at this point that I start thinking that an idol can help counter the numbers, which makes me realize that both active idols in the game right now are over at the red tribe camp.

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