Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 5 Recap

We're Finally Playing Some Survivor

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 23, 2015

Worst. Mastermind. Ever.

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Speaking of the red tribe, we get an awesome shot of a massive stingray as we check in with Red. Everyone please rise. Men, remove your caps and everyone place your hands over your heart. Shirin is, for no reason I can detect, singing the third worst rendition of the National Anthem I've ever heard. (Roseanne and Carl Lewis are #1 and #2, by the way... says the guy still waiting to find out Hali's #1 and #2 favorite things).

Jenn tells us, "The chick with the long hair, I don't know her name. But I don't like her. I don't know. I just don't like her. Maybe it's her voice." Or her whistle, because Shirin's a "professional whistler." Jenn tells us that in 12 hours she feels like she knows Shirin's entire life. She hasn't shut up since she got there, man. I have to say, I never would have predicted this, but Jenn is going to be the gold standard for confessionals this season. Hopefully she sticks around for a long time to narrate the whole season.

Who knew that the stingray footage would be foreshadowing, am I right? After the montage of annoying Shirin, Max is shown walking back to camp (wearing underwear, so that's a good thing) but limping heavily on both feet. Turns out he was stung by a stingray on both of his feet. Both are cut decently and bleeding. Right away, Jenn gets him the pot of water that had been boiling to drink and directs him to put his feet in the hot water. Max reminds us that Jenn was a beach lifeguard, so she knows what she's talking about. He does as instructed and seems to feel better. This kinda grosses out Hali, as this is their drinking water pot and not only are Max's nasty feet in it, bleeding, but he has a plantar wart on the bottom of his foot the size of one of the Hantzes. She is absolutely put out by this mentioning that not only are plantar warts contagious, but that anyone that would put their warty feet in the drinking water pot only cares about one person, himself.


We join a conversation between Will and Carolyn where he says that Max is already getting on their nerves. This gives Carolyn the chance to tell us that just because Max and Shirin think that the tribe is a 3-3-1 split and that Kelly is the swing vote here, that doesn't make it so. Carolyn's thinking that being the swing vote right now and helping to #blindside them would be "so sweet."

We come back from break to the blue tribe, and Dan is sharing with Mike that he's worried about Sierra as a swing vote. And good for Mike. He tells Dan that if he and Rodney had just backed off her the other night, she might not be the swing vote. Mike just wants Dan to shut up and apologize to Sierra, so they can move forward as a group and run this tribe. Then we have a great conversation where these two guys discuss the best way to apologize to a woman. Dan wants to explain himself. Mike says she just wants the apology, not the explanation. Dan, who I'd wager finds himself in MANY more instances where he needs to apologize to woman, tells Mike, "I got this. I got Sierra." I can't WAIT to see/hear this.

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