Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 5 Recap

We're Finally Playing Some Survivor

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 23, 2015

Worst. Mastermind. Ever.

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We don't even bother with the Blue tribe and just go back to Red to play, "It's anyone but Shirin." Jenn tells the group that there wasn't anything they could do to win that challenge. Max is thrilled to be able to actually play the game of Survivor. They show clips of him spewing Survivor facts to Jenn and she really doesn't care. She tells us that she's a pretty hard core fan of the show, but she would never remember all the stuff that Max does. Further, she doesn't find his exhaustive knowledge of the show cool or interesting. She finds it annoying. She hits the beach with Hali and they discuss that now is the time to see if Kelly's willing to play with the No Collars. They also decide that Shirin has to go and Max will be next.

Now we join Shirin and Max talking to Kelly about who to vote for. Shirin says they'll never win any challenges with Will in the game and Jenn is a beast, so Will is the vote. Max tells us that they pursued Kelly pretty hard and he's confident she'll be voting with them tonight. Shirin tells us that they have everything they need and if they could just get rid of Will, they have a real good shot at winning some challenges. Um... no, you don't.

But anyway... Click to Max offering his congratulations to Shirin for how brilliantly she brought Kelly into the fold. They are so sure things are going their way right now. Max is basically starting to high step into the end zone from the 40 yard line. How well does that EVER work out? Actually, Shirin might be high stepping a bit early as well as she lets us know that she's in the power position tonight and that everything that's going to happen, she pretty much put in place.


Switch to the conversation with Shirin telling Carolyn what the plan is. And Carolyn also follows the first rule of Survivor. She tells Shirin she's in. She tells us, on the other hand, that they all think Kelly is the swing vote and has all the power, but Carolyn plans to give herself all the power and take that right away from Kelly. All it takes is for her to join the No Collars and it doesn't matter what Kelly does.

Okay, so did you know that if you’re a centipede looking wormy creature, you are perfectly okay to just crawl around on the face of an iguana? Me either. Weird.

Carolyn is now talking to Jenn and she breaks it to Jenn that she is NOT part of a three with Max and Shirin. Jenn is floored. Carolyn assures her that she has no plans to vote with them tonight. Jenn is thoroughly relieved. She tells us that it seems that no one really likes Max or Shirin and now that they have Carolyn, they're good to go to take control of the game. Cut to Max asking Shirin how her talk with Carolyn went. Shirin told him that yes, in fact, Carolyn IS a god and therefore, their plan is set in motion and there's no real need to talk about it with Carolyn anymore.

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